iPad App


You can download a free myON app for iPad from iTunes. In the app store, search for the keyword "myON" to find the app.

The app lets you do the following:

  • Share iPads between students and classes - students log in to use the app.
  • Download up to 20 books to read any time (even if you don't have an Internet connection after downloading). Every book in the collection is available to download for offline reading. You can select books to download through visual search or through the website on Safari or Chrome.
  • Keep track of student reading statistics (online and offline), and sync activity to student myON accounts.
  • Read books offline, with audio and highlighting if necessary.

System Requirements

The iPad app requires iOS 8.0 or later. To add accounts and download books, you must be able to connect to the Internet. iPhones are not supported; the app is intended to be used on iPads.

Note: iPads can also use the built-in Safari web browser to log in directly to myON.

Opening the App

After downloading the app, select the myON icon on your iPad.

Using the App

After downloading the app, you can immediately read the included Jackie Robinson book. To read other books, you must first add user accounts to the app.

Adding User Accounts

Adding Users One by One

  1. Tap the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen; then, tap the + in the user menu.
  2. To select your school, begin typing the name in the appropriate box or field, and matching options will be listed. Select your school from the list.
  3. The school name will be added to the Select School field. Enter your student's user name and password or PIN as you would to log in via a web browser. The app will record the student as a user of myON in the iPad app. In the future, the student will log in by selecting his or her name and entering the correct user name.
  4. Note: Clever users may be required to use a PIN instead of a password. To find their PIN, users can log in to myON using a web browser on a computer. After students log in, they click the blue PIN icon icon in the top right corner of the page to open a message with their PIN. Teachers or administrators can select their name, then select PIN in the menu to open the PIN message.

Adding All Students in a Teacher's Roster

If you add a teacher instead of a student, you will be asked if you want to sync all of the students in your roster to this device. Select Sync in the message. The next time you select the icon, you will see all students from the class in the list.

To remove users from the app, open the list of users, then swipe to the left on a user's name to reveal a Delete option. Select the option. You must enter the user name to finish deleting the user from the app.

Logging In

Once you have added users, you can log in to begin downloading and reading other books in the app. Students can log in when the iPad has Internet access and when it does not. Teachers may only log in when the device has an Internet connection; set up a generic student account if the teacher wants to read books offline too.

  1. Tap the icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. Select your name from the list of users.
  3. Enter your user name and select Done.

Downloading Books in the App

To download books that you want to read in the app (offline or online), follow these steps.

  1. In the list of books, select the Add Book icon.
  2. If you want to find book by category, leave "Visual Search" selected at the top of the screen. Select a category that you're interested in (such as "Animals"). Then, select a subcategory (such as "Pets" in the example below). When you see a list of books, select the book that you're interested in.
  3. If you want to search for a book with text, select Text Search at the top of the screen. Then, enter a keyword to search for. In the list of possible matching results, select a book title.

  4. The book information window will open with details about the book. To download the book, tap the green Add to iPad button. (If you decide not to download this book, simply click the red X to close the information about this book and search for another one.)
  5. Once you choose to add a book to the iPad, a gray icon with the book title will appear in the app window and a circle or horizontal bar will display the download progress. When the download is complete, the circle or bar will disappear, and a portion of the book cover will display in color.
  6. You can also open the Safari browser on the iPad and log in to the website to search for books. When you find a book to open, you'll see a blue download button that will open the app and add the book. When you select the button, confirm that you want to open the book in myON to continue.

Reading a Book in the App

Once you've downloaded a book, you can select the book in the app to open it. Then, in the book information window, select Read Book. (You also have an option for removing a book that you no longer want to keep in the app.)

The book will open.

As you read the book, you can do the following:

  • Select the Play/Pause button at the bottom to start or stop the audio and highlighting.
  • Swipe left or right to go to another page.
  • Expand two fingers to zoom in on the page.
  • Pinch two fingers to zoom out on the page.
  • To see other controls, tap anywhere on the screen.
    • leaves the book and returns you to the books page.
    • gives you a menu with more content, such as copyright information, a table of contents, an index, or a glossary. The items available depend on the book.
    • shows you publisher information for the book.
    • shows you how far you are into the book (50% in this example) and opens a series of circles that you can use to go directly to another page. You can only jump to pages you have already read.
    • mutes the audio for silent reading without highlighting.
    • turns word highlighting on or off (when audio is playing).
    • turns sentence highlighting on or off (when audio is playing).

Help in the App

For more help using the app, select the green i button in the bottom left corner of the page.