How to View the Faculty Dashboard (Faculty)

When Faculty log into myON, they can see a dashboard that shows them information about their roster, groups, students, their students' placement scores, and their students' reading in myON. Teachers can go back to this page by selecting the myON logo at the top of any page.

select the myON logo

You will see a list of the students on your roster and information about their reading. You'll also see information for your roster and groups as a whole.

Above the table of students, you'll see options that let you choose the information you want to see. You can choose to see students' reading placement scores, how many books they have finished, how many pages they have read, how much time they've spent reading, their scores on myON book quizzes, how many projects they've been assigned, and their recordings. You won't see all of the options at once; use the left and right arrows to find the option you need.

select one of the categories above the table to see that data

To find out more, read the information below and watch this video:

Reading Placement

When "Reading Placement" is selected, you'll see information about each student's most recent assessment, including the assessment date, the type of placement assessment (myON placement, Star Early Literacy, or Star Reading), the Star score, and the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). For students who have not taken a placement assessment, "Grade Equivalent" will be shown instead, and the ZPD will be based on the student's grade. For more about placement assessments, see Understanding Placement Test Functionality. The last column (Placement waiting) shows whether students may take a myON placement assessment now (Yes), either because they haven't taken one or because it's time for a retest based on the building settings. Note: The Reading Placement tab is not available if your license uses Lexile® assessments.

example of the Reading Level table

If your subscription uses the myON placement test, you can select See Assessment Settings to see the settings that your Building Administrator has chosen. Settings may include the grade levels that myON placement tests are available for, whether the test is optional, and how often students will be asked to test again.

the See Assessment Settings option is above the table to the right

Books Finished

When "Books Finished" is selected, use the drop-down list in the top right corner of the page to choose the time periods you want to see or compare data for. This school year shows the totals for the entire school year. The other choices are comparisons: you can compare the number of books read yesterday and today, last week and this week, or last month and this month.

select the time period from the drop-down list

The left side of the page shows you how many books students on your roster and in your groups have read. If you chose to compare time periods, you'll see totals for both time periods.

example of data for the roster and groups

In the list of students, you will see how many books each of the students have read. If you chose to compare two time periods, you'll see the number of books each student finished for each time period, and in the Trend column, you will see whether the student finished more books in the most recent time period (green arrow) or fewer books (red arrow). The example below shows a comparison of last week to this week. Gabriel has read more books this week, but Hannah and Elijah have read fewer books; Samantha has read the same number of books. Alexis read no books in either week.

example of the Books Finished table

To see the books read by individual students, select the student's name, then select Books read.

Pages Read

When "Pages read" is selected, the view is very similar to the Books Finished view, but the number of pages read is shown in all cases instead of books finished. The same time periods and comparisons are available that you will see for Books Finished.

example of the Pages Read table

Time Spent Reading

The "Time spent reading" view is similar to Books Finished and Pages Read, with the same time period and comparison options. Time is shown in minutes.

example of the Time Spent Reading table

Content Read

If your myON version includes Lexile® assessments or Fastbridge scores have been imported, when "Content read" is selected, you'll see each student's mix of fiction (blue) and nonfiction (orange) reading. On the left, you'll see the overall percentages of fiction vs. nonfiction for your roster as a whole and each of your groups.

example of the Content Read table

You'll also see each student's Lexile® score compared to the average Lexile® of the books the student has read; the Target column shows you whether students are reading above their Lexile® (green arrow) or below it (red arrow). To the left, you'll see the average student Lexile® score for the roster and groups and the average Lexile® of the books read by each roster or group.

You can choose to view this information for the school year, this month, this week, or today.


If your myON version includes Lexile® assessments or Fastbridge scores have been imported, you can select Lexile®. When Lexile® is selected, you will see each student's current Lexile® score. In the Range column, you'll see the difference between each student's score in the selected time period and the lowest score in the class during the time period; the longer the line, the more this student's score is above the lowest score. (A circle in the Range column means the student's last score is from a previous time period.)

You will also see the change from the student's last score and the student's trend in scores - up (green arrow) or down (red arrow). The left side of the page shows you the average Lexile® score for the roster and each group, and the change in scores overall for the selected time period. You can choose to view scores for this school year, this month, this week, or today.

If you want to see an individual student's Lexile® scores, select the student's name; then, select Assessments. Lexile® scores are also available on reports.


When "Quizzes" is selected, you can see how students have been performing on myON book quizzes. (Note that this does not show performance on Accelerated Reader Quizzes if your students have access to those quizzes.)

example of the Quizzes table

For each student, you'll see the student's average quiz scores for the time periods you are comparing (last month and this month, last week and this week, or yesterday and today). In the Trend column, you'll see whether the scores are up (green arrow) or down (red arrow) in the current time period. If you have chosen to view the school year, you will see the overall average quiz scores for the entire year.

On the left, you'll see the overall average quiz scores for the roster and each group (and the trends if you have chosen to compare time periods).

To see the myON book quizzes taken by individual students, select the student's name; then, select Book quizzes. (Note that this view shows only myON book quizzes; for Accelerated Reader Quizzes, see the Accelerated Reader Record Book or reports.)

Assigned Projects

When "Assigned Projects" is selected, you will see how many projects have been assigned to each student and the names of those projects. To the left, you'll see the total number of projects assigned to your roster and each group; note that these totals count each project once for each student. No time periods are selected for this view; the numbers reflect the projects assigned this school year.

example of the Assigned Projects table

For more information about project status, see Determining Project Completion.


When Recordings is selected, you will see information about the recordings that your students have made of their own reading. For each student on your roster who has recorded books, you'll see information about their last recording, including the recording time, the date, the book name, and whether the recording has been turned in or is in progress. To see all of the recordings a student has made, and to listen to those recordings, select the the student's name. You will go to the student's page with the "Books recorded" tab selected; on that page, you can select a recording to listen to it; you can also delete recordings.

the Recordings dashboard