How to Use the Dictionary (Students)

The instructions below explain how to access and use the dictionary as you read books. There are two ways to use the dictionary: you can look up a word, or you can select a word in the book that you want defined.

Looking Up a Word in the Dictionary

  1. On the right side of the page, click the Dictionary icon.
  2. Type in the word you would like the definition of in the search field. Below the word, you will see the definitions. Next to the word, you will see an audio button audio icon that you can click to hear the word. Select Example to see an example of the word in a sentence. Select Related words to see words that are related to this one.
  3. example of a dictionary definition

  4. To close the dictionary, click the Dictionary icon again.

Selecting a Word in the Book

When you have a book open, click a word, then select View In Dictionary to see the definition.

select a word, then select View in Dictionary

Other Considerations

At the present time, dictionary support is available only for English books.