Accelerated Reader Quizzes in myON

If your school has Accelerated Reader, students will see an option for taking an AR Reading Practice Quiz after reading a myON book (if the book has an Accelerated Reader quiz). Students can also choose to take an AR quiz for myON books that they read outside of myON.

Accelerated Reader quizzes are separate from the book quizzes that students see after finishing and rating many myON books.

  • Accelerated Reader Reading Practice Quizzes vary from 3 to 20 questions, depending on the length of the book. myON book quizzes are always 5 questions long, though the questions included and the question order will vary.
  • AR Reading Practice Quizzes measure comprehension; myON book quizzes focus on five reading skills: Main Idea, Vocabulary, Supporting Detail, Inference, and Interpretation. (Accelerated Reader has separate Literacy Skills Quizzes and Vocabulary Practice Quizzes that address reading skills.)
  • Accelerated Reader has quizzes for books that may not be available in myON; quizzes are available for over 200,000 books.
  • Accelerated Reader quizzes count toward Accelerated Reader goals, while myON book quizzes do not. If you want your students' myON books to count toward those goals, be sure to have students take the Accelerated Reader quizzes in addition to myON book quizzes.
  • Accelerated Reader quiz results are available in the Accelerated Reader Record Book and Accelerated Reader reports. myON book quiz data is available in the myON Quizzes Report.

Students whose average percent correct is 85%-95% for Accelerated Reader Reading Practice quizzes tend to show the highest gains in reading on the Star Reading test.

Note: In the building settings, administrators can turn off the availability of Accelerated Reader quizzes in myON for some or all grades.

  1. After you finish reading a myON book that has an AR quiz, on the book rating page, select the Take AR Quiz Now button.
  2. If you read a book outside of myON, you can still take the AR quiz (if one is available). Find the book in myON and select it. Then, in the book information window, select Take AR Quiz.

    While you look for books, you can also hover over a book in a list and select the Take AR Quiz button.

  3. A new browser tab or a new window will open for your Accelerated Reader quiz. If you are asked to log in, enter the user name and password that you use to log in to Accelerated Reader.
  4. Answer the quiz questions. After the quiz, you will see your results and your progress in Accelerated Reader as you usually do. When you are ready to return to myON, log out of Accelerated Reader and close the tab or browser window for the Accelerated Reader quiz.