Linking Star Scores to Student Records in myON

If your district has Star Reading and/or Star Early Literacy and your myON subscription uses myON placement tests and Star scores, myON can show students and teachers Star scores from the past two years. If you access myON through the Renaissance Home page, those scores are brought in to myON automatically the next time students open myON. Students see their latest scores at the top of their myON home page, and they can select See more to see their scores over time; teachers and building administrators can see Star scores in the myON with Star report. Star scores also help myON to recommend books to students based on their Zone of Proximal Development.

If you access myON in some other way, students may need to follow the steps below to link their Star scores. In the building settings, the Building Administrator should make sure that Ask students to connect Star with myON is checked; the administrator can also use the settings to decide which metrics to show students (these are also included in the myON with Star report). If you'd like to see a video showing how students link Star scores, see

  1. After logging in, you will see a suggested ZPD based on your grade. If you have not yet linked your Star score, you will see "myON + ?", then "myON + Renaissance Star Reading". Select Connect Now at the bottom of the banner.
  2. Star Connect now button

  3. Next, you will be asked to log in to the Renaissance software. Enter the user name and password that you use to log in when you take a Star test.
  4. You will go back to myON. After a moment, you will see the score from your most recent Star test and the ATOS ZPD that is based on that test. Depending on the building settings, you may also see the Lexile® score from that test.
  5. Star scores

    The Star score is shown using the Enterprise Scale (not the Unified Scale). Students who have taken only Star Early Literacy assessments and whose Star scores have been lower than 383 will not see their Star scores in myON.

Once you see your Star scores, you can select See more to see your Star scores for the last two years along with the number of days with reading and the number of minutes you read.

select See More

Use the buttons in the top left corner of the graph to choose whether to see your Star scores, ATOS ZPDs, or Lexile® scores from your Star tests. To pause the animations on the graph, select Pause Animations under the graph. Note: If you have only taken either Star Early Literacy tests or Star Reading tests, you will see those scores. If you have taken both Star Reading and Star Early Literacy tests, you will see the scores for the type of test you took most recently (Star Reading or Star Early Literacy). When you view Star scores, Star Early Literacy scores have empty circles ; Star Reading scores and myON placement scores have solid orange circles .

example of graph with Star scores

As students take more tests, the information will be updated either the next time the student logs in or the next day (depending on the version of Renaissance software you are using). You can see which students have linked their Star data and their Star scores on the myON with Star Report.