How to Grant a Faculty Member Access to Students in Your Building (Building Administrator)

Normally, Faculty can add students to their roster who are assigned to their building, but not students from other buildings. However, if a teacher needs to add students from another building to their roster, they can do so after the Building Administrator for that building gives the teacher access to at least one student from that building.

For example, say Susan Peters, a teacher at Lincoln Elementary, also works with some students in Hillside Elementary, and she wants to add the Hillside students to her myON roster. Susan needs to contact the Hillside Elementary myON Building Administrator (Claire Connors). By following the steps below, Claire can view the information for one of the Hillside students and assign that student to Susan's roster. Once Claire has done this, Susan can add other students from Hillside Elementary to her roster herself.

Building Administrators follow these steps to assign the first student from their school to a teacher's roster from another school.

  1. In myON, select My School, then Users.
  2. select My School, then Users

    The District Administrator can also assign the first student from another school to a Faculty member. The District Administrator selects My District, then Users. Then, the District Administrator selects a school before continuing with the steps below.

  3. Find and select the student that you'd like to assign to the Faculty member's roster. You can scroll through the list, or you can use the search field or filters above the list to find the student.
  4. find and select the student

  5. On the page that shows the student's information, select Rosters/Groups.
  6. select the groups/rosters icon

  7. Under Assigned Faculty, use the Browse Faculty By Building drop-down list to choose the building that the Faculty member is assigned to. Then, find the teacher in the list of Faculty for that building, or use the search field to search for that specific teacher. Check the box in the Assigned column for the teacher to assign the student to that teacher's roster.
  8. select the teacher's building

  9. Select Apply in the top right section of the page to save your changes.
  10. select Apply

    Now that the first student from your school is assigned to the Faculty member's roster, they can assign other students from your school to their roster themselves.