How Does myON Track Time Spent Reading?

When a student starts reading a book or resumes reading, the program starts tracking the time spent reading. myON counts how long a student stays on the same page before going to the next page, exiting the book, or finishing the book.

If the student is playing the audio, the time that is tracked does not depend on how long the audio lasts, but on how long the student stays on the page without leaving. For example, if the audio plays for 1 minute, but the student stays on the page for 5 minutes, the time spent reading will be 5 minutes.

If the student does not interact with the book for 15 minutes on the same page, the student will see a message asking if the student is still there. If the student does not respond after 30 seconds, the student will be logged out. When this happens, no time spent on the page will be added to the time spent reading.

If the student starts reading a book, then goes to another browser tab, window, or program, though myON audio will continue to play, the reading time for the book will no longer be recorded because the student is no longer looking at the book.

The time a student spends reading a book helps to determine when the student can finish the book. For more information, see What Happens If a Student Doesn't Finish a Book?.