How Do I Read Books Offline with the myON App?

If you want to download books to read when no internet access is available, please start by downloading the myON app. To do so, go to the corresponding app store for your device (see myON Apps for links) and add the myON app to your device. You can also see "Read Offline with free mobile apps" in English or Spanish.

The myON app is available for free download on Chromebooks, iPads, and Android tablets. The myON app is NOT designed for use on mobile phones, and myON’s use on phones is not supported.

The myON app is designed solely as a source for offline reading; it can store up to 20 downloaded books per device for reading when an internet connection is not available. The myON app does not have the full functionality available to students when using myON via a web browser.

When using the myON app, students will not have access to teacher assigned projects, end-of-book quizzes, or Benchmark assessments.  If you have Wi-Fi available regularly, we recommend using the web browser on your device to access myON in order to take advantage of all the features available in the program.

After downloading the app, please add a user:

  1. Tap or click on the appropriate icons to add a user:
  2. iPad:



    Android and Kindle Fire:

  3. To select your school, begin typing the name in the appropriate box or field and corresponding options will appear. Select your school from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter your user name and your password or PIN as you would to log in via a web browser.
  5. Note: Clever users may be required to use a PIN instead of a password. To find their PIN, users can log in to myON using a web browser on a computer; after you log in, your PIN is in the upper-right corner of the page near your name.

  6. Once logged in, you can download books by following the directions in How Can I Download Books onto the myON App?.

For specific instructions for each app, see the links below:

iPad App

Android App

Kindle Fire HD App

Chrome App