How to Assign/Reassign Groups (Building Administrator)

As a Building Administrator, follow the steps below to assign or reassign groups.

  1. From the Building Administrator dashboard (main page), click My School, then Rosters/Groups.
  2. Click the name of the group that needs the change(s) made.
  3. Click a student’s name to change the student's groups. (If you need to add more students, select the Assign button instead.)
  4. Check the boxes next to the group(s) that you want the student to be a member of. Remove check marks from groups that you want to remove the student from. A check mark in a box means the student belongs to the group(s).

    In the example below, the student Addison Mitchell belongs to the group for the teacher Matthew Jones. She needs to be removed from that group and placed into Anne Thomas' group.

    Addison – before

    Addison - after

    The check mark next to Matthew Jones indicates that Addison is part of this teacher's group. We need to remove Addison from this group.

    We clicked the box next to Matthew Jones to remove the check mark, which removed Addison from the group. Now we need to add Addison to Anne Thomas' group.  For that, you would check the box next to Anne Thomas. Finally, click Apply (upper right-hand corner) to apply the changes.