Allowing Students to Retake myON Placement Assessments

At times, your students may need to retake a myON placement assessment. The student's teacher can allow the student to retake their most recent assessment within the past 90 days by following these steps:

  1. Select Classroom, then Students.
  2. select Classroom, then Students

  3. In your roster, select the student's name.
  4. select a student name

  5. On the page with the student's information, select Assessments.
  6. select the assessments icon

  7. You will see a list of the assessments that the student has taken this school year. For the latest myON Placement assessment, you can select Retake in the Action column if that assessment was taken in the past 90 days.
  8. select retake for the latest assessment

  9. A popup message will explain that the score will be deleted (it cannot be recovered). The message will show you the message that the student will see next, prompting them to take a new assessment.
  10. retake message

    If you want to continue, select Delete Test and Retake. The test will be removed from the list, and the student will see the message prompting them to take a new test. On the top of the student's information page, you'll see a message telling you that a new assessment is available for the student.

    If you decide you want to keep the existing test instead, select Keep This Test.