Enroll: Processing Your Data in Enroll

Getting Started with Enroll: The Enroll Home Page

The Enroll home page allows you to start a new data update or to continue working on data that has been started but not completed. To go back to this page at any time, select Enroll at the top of the page.

To start a new data update, select Process Files. If this is the first time you are uploading files, this is the only option on the page (see the first example below). If you have already started another update and you want to start again with new files, Process Files is the second option - see the second example below.

If you started submitting data previously and are returning to finish, select Continue to resume that process.

Step 1: myON Sync

First, you will notice a message saying that Enroll is syncing buildings. Enroll is simply syncing to your myON account.

Step 2: Submit Data

Action: Select your Student, Faculty, and Roster files and click Upload. For more about these files, see Preparing Files for myON Data Submission.

Please note: The roster file is not required, but it is recommended since it creates "classes" in myON, putting students in their teachers' rosters automatically.

Step 3: Data Issues

Once you upload your files, Enroll will begin to process them. File validation happens here: Enroll checks to ensure the file is in the correct format with the correct number of columns and a row for each user to add or change. If there are no formatting problems with your files, you will receive a message that your spreadsheets were stored successfully.

  1. If there are formatting problems with your files, Enroll will alert you with an error message. If you receive an error message, ensure:
    • Your files follow the required naming conventions
    • You have the correct columns in your files.
    • The column headers are named correctly.
    • There are no diacritic characters present in your file. Examples include:
      â, €, ñ, etc.
  2. You may also see the message “Merged duplicate users.” This means one or more of your files had more than one line of data for a user. Enroll will consolidate these rows and alert you that this action has taken place.

Action: Once you have addressed the issues in your files, you will need to resubmit them following the same steps.

Step 4: Select Schools

On this step, you need to select which buildings in the district that need to be updated. Enroll automatically selects all schools, but if you only want to update certain buildings, make sure only these buildings are checked. If you only have a single school to manage data for, only that school will appear in the selection list. You can resubmit files as often as you need to until the file is submitted without errors.

PLEASE NOTE: If you see an “unknown” value in the building column, Enroll is notifying you that a school_ID in one of your .csv files is not a valid ID in myON, or you are assigning users to an account that does not have an active myON subscription. Enroll will not be able to process these users. If you believe this is an error, please contact myON support for assistance. See example below:

Action: Once you have selected the buildings you wish to update, select Submit.

Step 5: Validate Data

Now that the file format has been validated and the file has been updated, Enroll will look through the .csv files to ensure it can be loaded to myON. Any data troubleshooting will happen at this stage. Possible scenarios include:

  • Duplicate Unique IDs belonging to more than one user:
  • Each ID number must be unique. To fix this error in Enroll, you can select one user to process to myON, and the other user will be ignored, or you can update the IDs in your files and start a new data submission session.

  • Unrecognized grades:
  • If the student file contains grades that are not recognized by Enroll, you can tell Enroll which grades you want these students in.

    Accepted grade values are PK, K, and any value 1-12. All other values will be flagged.

  • Duplicate Usernames:
  • Each username must be unique to each user. To fix this error in Enroll, you can select one user to process to myON, and the other user will be ignored, or you can update the unique IDs in your files and start a new data submission session.

  • Blank Unique IDs:
  • If a user is submitted without a unique ID, you can manually enter the ID. All users must have a unique ID.

  • Missing passwords:
  • If passwords are not supplied in your CSV files, you can:

    • Manually enter a password.
    • Generate passwords for these users using a pattern generator by selecting Launch password generator. The generator allows you to create passwords in batch by role (student or faculty) and building.
  • Missing usernames:
  • Usernames must be unique. If usernames are not supplied in your .csv files, you can:

    • Manually enter a unique username.
    • Generate usernames by selecting Launch username generator. The generator allows you to create usernames in batch by role (student or faculty) and building.
  • Missing required data:
  • If required data such as first name, last name, or grade (for students) is not present in the CSV files, you will see the records in question and will be able to supply the missing information. **NOTE: You can either populate the missing information directly in Enroll, or you can fix your .csv files and start the data submission process over; best practice is to update the .csv files.

Action Step: Make the appropriate corrections, then click Save.

Step 6: Import Method

Now that the file(s) have been uploaded and verified, it's time to have the user data pushed into myON. To do this, you need to select an import method. There are two import methods to choose from:

  1. Additive Method
  2. Choose the additive method if you only want to add, move, or modify users. This is best used when you first load users into myON or for smaller changes throughout the school year, and will never deactivate any users.

  3. Refresh Method (BACK TO SCHOOL)
  4. This method will deactivate any users not included in the .csv file you have just validated and are ready to submit. It will add all users from the file(s) with the data included in the file(s). For example, a new grade could be included with students as they return to school after the summer, or a student could be put into a new class. This method erases user information and replaces it with data in the new file(s). Any historic usage information will remain in myON for users that are included in the new .csv file(s). NOTE: THIS PROCESS WILL DEACTIVATE ANY USER NOT INCLUDED ON THE .CSV FILES PROVIDED. PLEASE USE THE REFRESH OPTION CAREFULLY.

Action Step: Once you have selected the best method, click Submit to continue.

Step 7: Validate Import

In step 5, Enroll validated the data within the file(s) you uploaded. Now, the validation is between the file and what is currently loaded on the myON site. Enroll will now communicate with myON to ensure the new data can be pushed into myON. Some conflicts you may need to resolve include:

  • Username conflict:
  • This conflict exists when a user in your .csv files has the same username as an existing, active myON user in the account. Usernames must be unique across the district for all active users. Enroll will provide options to resolve this conflict. If you choose to add as a new user, you will be asked to either change information for the existing user or to remove that user.

  • Conflicting ID and user name (triangle conflict):
  • A triangle conflict occurs when an Enroll user shares a unique ID with an existing user in myON (active or deactivated) and also shares a username with a second, active myON user. Enroll will provide options to resolve this conflict. If you choose to merge based on ID or user name or to add as a new user, you will be asked to either change information for existing users or to remove those users.

Action Step: Once all conflicts are resolved, you will see counts of updates and the option to approve and finalize the update. This gets the data ready to move to myON, but it is not yet ready for your users to log in.

Step 8: Import

Action Step: Click Approve! This moves the data to myON! Your uploaded users can now log in.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated your data in myON!