Enroll: Monitor Data Activity


When you select Activity at the top of any Enroll page, you will see a list of activities that have been done through Enroll.

If you select an activity, you will see details of the submissions, steps, choices, chosen options and status of the events in each update session. This is purely an informational screen and requires no action or input. For some items, you can select More to see more information.

When you log in initially, the dashboard won’t have any information because data has not been uploaded or processed yet. As you process more and more data sessions, you will see more information in your dashboard.


The buildings activity table shows the current data status of each building in your account. Unless an update is in progress, you will not see any information in this table aside from the ID and building name. This table will only include buildings in your account that have an active myON license. This screen is only informational.

Activity/User Activity

User activity in Enroll tracks individual users and historical changes made to these users in Enroll in the past 60 days. This will help you understand changes that occurred to individual accounts. To use this tool, enter the unique ID of a user (either student or faculty) into the ID field and click Track. (If necessary, use the drop-down lists to choose the unique ID type and user role.) You will see the details and changes associated with the user each time he/she was processed through Enroll.