Building Administrator Building Settings Overview

As the building administrator in myON, you can follow the steps below to set the adjustable settings for your buildings only. Note that the district administrator can change these settings for all buildings.

The Building Administrator can set which grades can take myON book quizzes in the building, take AR quizzes, write book reviews, and access Literacy Center tools. Depending on your subscription, your Building Administrator may also be able to choose myON placement test settings, whether students need to link Star tests, and which metrics are shown to students and on the myON with Star report. These settings affect your building only.

  1. Log in to myON as the Building Administrator.
  2. Click My School, then Account.
  3. select My School then Account

  4. Select the Settings tab.
  5. select the Settings tab

    If your subscription includes the myON placement test, the settings will have four sections: Quizzes and Reading Tools, Displayed Metrics, Interface Language, and Placement Tests (including a Star linking setting). If your subscription includes Lexile® tests, the settings will include the Quizzes and Reading Tools, Displayed Metrics, and Interface Language sections.

    Quizzes and Reading Tools

    In the Quizzes and Reading Tools section, check the box next to myON Book Quizzes, AR Quizzes, Book Reviews, Literacy Center and Student Journal, or Student Recordings to allow each activity. If the box is checked, use the drop-down lists to choose which grades can do that activity. Enabling the Literacy Center also gives grades access to literacy tools.

    quizzes and reading tools settings

    Displayed Metrics

    In the Displayed Metrics section of the settings, check the metrics that you want students to see and that you want to see in the myON with Star report. You may choose up to four; the available metrics depend on your subscription. Note: ATOS ZPD is always selected and cannot be unchecked. (CEFR and Cambridge English Language Assessments are used outside the United States.)

    displayed metric settings: scaled score, atos ZPD, CEFR, Cambridge

    Interface Language

    In the Interface Language section, choose the default language for the software in the left column; in the right column, check the languages that you want available to students. Based on the languages you check here, students can select the language they want to see using a drop-down list in the footer of their myON pages.

    interface language settings for default and available

    Placement Tests

    This section of the settings is only available if your subscription uses the myON placement test. (For more about the myON placement test, see Understanding Placement Test Functionality.)

    myON placement test settings

    It includes the following settings:

    • Use myON placement test: This sets whether the myON placement test will be available to any student using myON for your building. If you don't want students to take the myON placement test, or if you have Star Reading and/or Star Early Literacy and you want students to only take those tests, remove the checkmark from the box. If you decide to use the myON placement test, use the drop-down lists below this setting to choose the grades that can take the test. The myON placement test is recommended for grades 2 and up.
    • Should the myON placement test be required? You have three choices:
      • Optional all the time means that students will never be required to take the myON placement test before they continue to use myON. Students will see a Finish Setup option that they can select to start a myON placement test; once they select that, they can choose whether to continue and take the test.
      • student Finish Setup message

      • Mandatory first test only, optional retests means that when students first open myON and finish their Interest Inventory, they will be taken into the myON placement test. After students finish the first test, they will be offered retests as shown in the example below, but they won't be required to take the test again. Students select Let's find out if they want to take a retest.
      • student retest message - has your reading level changed?

      • Mandatory first test and all retests means that the student will be required to take the first myON placement test and each retest once retests are available. (The next setting determines how often that happens.) Students must take the tests before they can continue using myON.
    • Retest: Check this box if you want students to take a new myON placement test periodically to update the student's scores in myON. This allows you to monitor the student's progress and growth in scores. If you check the box, enter the number of days to wait before offering the student a retest. 90 days is the recommended interval.

    The flowcharts linked below show you how myON placement works when the test is optional all the time, mandatory for the first test and optional for retests, or mandatory for the first test and retests:

    Optional assessments all the time

    Mandatory first test only, optional retests

    Mandatory first test and all retests

    Ask Students to Connect Star with myON

    If your school is using Star Reading or Star Early Literacy, and students open myON through the Renaissance Home page, you do not need to check this box because students' Star scores are automatically brought in to myON. However, if you are using Star tests and students access myON in some other way (and myON doesn't receive its rostering information from Star), students will need to link their Star scores with myON, and you should check the box so that students see the option for linking scores.

    ask students to connect Star with myON setting

  6. When you finish changing the settings, click Save in the top right corner of the page.