FastBridge Scores in myON

If you use FastBridge aReading, Renaissance can import your FastBridge scores into myON after each screening window so that myON suggests books that are appropriate for the student's reading level. When FastBridge aReading scores have been imported, the Lexile®* scores that you and your students see in myON will be based on those assessments.

The assessment scores that you and your students see in myON are the most recent assessment scores. If a student's latest assessment is FastBridge aReading, the Lexile score shown will be based on that assessment. If not, you may see scores from a student's Star assessment, myON placement assessment, or Lexile placement or benchmark assessment instead.

Where Students See Their FastBridge Scores

Students see their latest assessment score when they log in to myON. For FastBridge aReading, students see the ATOS ZPD and a Lexile® score.

an example of the ATOS ZPD and Lexile score from a FastBridge assessment

When a student views their assessment history, FastBridge scores are also shown on the Lexile® progress chart regardless of the type of subscription you have.

Where Teachers See Students' FastBridge Scores

If your myON subscription uses Lexile assessments (not Star or myON placement assessments), on the Faculty Dashboard, the Content Read and Lexile tabs will show students' FastBridge scores as Lexile® scores if they are your students' latest assessments.

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