What Is myIGDIs?

IGDIs, or Individual Growth and Development Indicators, are brief, child-friendly preschool assessments for monitoring the growth and development of children on the pathway to kindergarten. Using these assessments, myIGDIs gives preschool educators the tools and data they need to screen and monitor students so they can monitor growth and quickly identify children who are at risk of developmental delays. You can learn more about myIGDIs on the Renaissance website.

myIGDIs assessments are available for Early Literacy and Early Numeracy; see the table below for the measures that are available. Spanish Early Literacy IGDIs are also available (IGDIs-Español).

Literacy Numeracy
Picture Naming
Sound ID
Which One Doesn't Belong
Oral Counting
Number Naming
Quantity Comparison
1-to-1 Correspondence Counting

All assessments can be administered using cards; English Early Literacy assessments can also be administered using the iPad app. Follow these links for more about administering assessments:

Assessments are administered for screening during four administration windows: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

To find out more about using myIGDIs, see the help topics listed under "Browse Help Content" on the left side (or top) of this page, or go to Smart Start. You will find other helpful resources on the myIGDIs Resources page.