Administration Windows

School Year

The myIGDIs Data System and reports operate on a school year of August 15th to August 14th of the following year.

Administration Windows

Administration windows are determined by your organization. Please check with your District Admin for your specific deadlines. Windows must be within these time frames:

  • Fall – August 15th to November 14th
  • Winter – November 15th to February 14th
  • Spring – February 15th to May 14th
  • Summer – May 15th to August 14th

Screening and Progress Monitoring Frequency

Assessment Ages Format Screening Frequency Progress Monitoring Frequency
Early Literacy (English) 4* iPad x Fall, Winter & Spring x No more than once every 3 weeks**
Early Literacy (English) 4* Print x Fall, Winter & Spring
Early Literacy (Spanish) 4* Print x Fall, Winter & Spring
Early Numeracy 3^ and 4* Print x Fall, Winter & Spring x No more than once every 4 weeks
ProLADR 3^ and 4* Print x Fall, Winter & Spring

*One year prior to Kindergarten

^Two years prior to Kindergarten

** The progress toggle will be moved to the "yes" position if the student's score is colored gray, red or orange. This is an indication that the student will need progress monitoring for that task. If you entered in a screening score using print and will be using the iPad to progress monitor, you will need to manually move the toggle to Progress Monitoring on your iPad. We suggest that you only progress monitor your students in 2 of the 5 measures. If you don't want to progress monitor in a certain category, you can move the toggle to "no."

iPad Reminders

On the iPad, when you select a student’s score for one of the administration windows, you will see all of the student’s results for the window. See the example below. For any assessment that has not yet been completed (like Sound Identification in the example below), you can select Administer to start that assessment. In the Progress column, you see a toggle switch; when this is set to "yes," you will be reminded to complete a progress monitoring assessment once every three weeks. Progress monitoring is automatically set to “yes” whenever a child’s score falls in the red, but you can change the setting at any time regardless of the student’s screening score.

When viewing the class data, if you select Progress for progress monitoring assessments, you will see which students are ready to assess now and which haven't yet had 3 weeks elapse since the last assessment. In the example below, Cami needs to wait one more day before the next progress monitoring assessment, but other students are ready to take progress monitoring assessments now.

When a new screening window opens, you will need to do a screening before you can progress monitor.