Viewing and Deleting Accelerated Math Instructional Practice Plans

By following the steps below, you can view or delete an Assignment Plan that you have created in Accelerated Math Instructional Practice. Although you can view and delete plans that you created, you cannot view or delete plans created by other teachers or administrators, even if those plans were created for your class. (However, you can see other plans on the Instructional Practice page; see Monitoring Student Work and Viewing Scores.)

  1. On the Home page, select Accelerated Math IP.
  2. Select Plan Assignments.
  3. The next page will list all plans that you have created for your classes or groups. Current plans are plans that have started, but haven't reached their end date yet. Upcoming plans start in the future. Past plans are those whose end dates are in the past.
  4. If you haven't created any Accelerated Math Instructional Practice plans, the page will tell you that you have no plans yet.

    For each plan, you'll see the name, the start and end dates, and the class or group. To the right under "Selected Skills," you'll also see a list of the skills in the plan.

    Viewing Plans

    If you want to see the assignments in the plan and the days selected for them, select the View option.

    You will see the days in your plan and the assignments that you have put in each day. Note: If your plan only includes student assignments (not instructional resources or assessments), you may need to scroll down to see the assignments.

    If you want to preview an assignment, select the card for that assignment in the schedule; then, select View. A sample assignment will open in a new browser tab. You can then answer each of the problems as a student would, view the results, and then select Close Window to close the tab.

    When you have finished viewing assignments, select Done at the bottom of the page. You will go back to the list of Assignment Plans.

    Deleting Plans

    You can also delete assignment plans, whether they are current, upcoming, or past. When you delete an assignment plan, the plan is removed from the list on this page, and it won't be listed in dashboards or on the Instructional Practice page. Students will no longer see assignments from the plan in the Assignments list on their Home page, even if the students have completed some or all of the assignments.

    To delete a plan from the list, select the Delete link for that plan.

    The Delete Plan message will open. If you are sure that you want to continue and delete the plan, select Yes; otherwise, select No.