How Students Complete the Subskills That You've Assigned

Once you have planned and created assignments for students, the students will begin to see the assigned subskills in the Assignments List on their Home page.

To complete work on an assigned subskill, students must pass at least one practice and at least one quiz.

First, students receive a practice. If they pass the first practice (by answering at least 5 of the 6 questions correctly), they go on to the quiz. Students who don't pass the first practice will see a second, and if they don't pass that practice, they will see a third. If a student does not pass the third practice on a subskill, the subskill requires intervention; the student will not see any more work for the subskill until you reassign it.

After passing a practice, students need to pass the quiz. For quizzes, students must answer at least 4 out of 5 questions correctly in order to pass. If a student fails the quiz, the subskill requires intervention, and the student will not receive more work for the subskill until you reassign it.

Once a student has passed both the practice and the quiz, the assigned subskill and all of the student's work on it will be shown as Completed in the student's Assignments list. In the example below, the student has completed the second subskill in the list. The student did two practices before the quiz (Practice and Practice 2), so this student did not pass the first practice, but the student did pass the second practice and the quiz.

Teachers can also see the status of assigned subskill activities and scores for completed activities.