Assignments That Require Intervention

A student's subskill assignment requires intervention if:

  • The student fails three practices on the assignment. (Students must answer at least 5 out of 6 questions correctly in order to pass a practice.)
  • The student does not pass a quiz on the assignment (by answering at least 4 out of 5 questions correctly).

When this happens, the student will see "Intervene" in the Assignments list on his or her Home page. The example below shows how this looks.

For the teacher, the student's score will be shown in red when you view the results for an assigned subskill.

When you view the student's results for an Assignment Plan, you will also see the word "Intervene" for the Status of the subskill.

Work with the student to help him or her understand the subskill better. When the student is ready to work again, you can select the score in the assignment view or the word "Intervene" in the student view and choose Reassign. This allows the student to try working on practices and a quiz for the subskill again.

A message will tell you that the assignment has been reassigned; click OK. Accelerated Math Instructional Practice will treat this as a new assignment; the subskill will be listed more than once in the student's Assignments list. See the first and last subskill shown in the example below; the first is simply marked Ready since the student has not started the new work; the last one listed shows all activities, which are now marked Completed.

For teachers, the additional activities will be listed when you view the student's activity on the assigned subskill. In the example below, the student's new practice for the subskill is at the top of the list.

Students will also be listed twice when you view the results for an assigned subskill so that you can see their original results and their new work.