Overview of Accelerated Math Instructional Practice

To open Accelerated Math Instructional Practice, select the tile shown below.

Teachers typically use Accelerated Math Instructional Practice as described below. These steps are just an overview; for detailed instructions, see the links in the steps or the Related Topics links.

  1. Have your students take the Star Math test. The scores from the test will help you choose the skills and subskills to work on.
  2. If you want to set up instructional groups for the class, see Manage Groups - Student Groups Page to set them up starting from the Star Record Book.
  3. In Accelerated Math Instructional Practice, teachers select Plan Assignments, select New Plan, and then choose the class or group, students, and time period to work with. For detailed instructions on how to plan and create assignments, see Planning Assignments.
  4. When you select skills, note the Placement Level for the class or groups. This is from the students' latest Star Math test (if available) and typical growth over time, and it determines the suggested skills.  For more information, click on the right side of the Select Skills to Practice page.
  5. If you have a gear icon like the one shown below, you can click it to choose whether to use the pacing guide aligned to your curriculum or the Learning Progression, which has skills in teachable order. If an aligned pacing guide is not available, you will not see the icon, and you are using the Learning Progression selected in the Learning Standards preference.

    Select the first skills for your students to work on; use the left and right arrows below the placement level to go forward or back through the skills. You can also search for specific skills; see the full procedure for Planning Assignments.

    Since each skill may have multiple subskills, it is helpful to select just 2-3 skills per week.

  6. After selecting skills, select the assignments for those skills that you want to use for your groups. Then, click Review.
  7. Finally, review and adjust the days when you want to work on each skill and use each assignment. Then, click Create Assignments.
  8. The assignments will appear in the Assignments List on the students' Home page starting on the days you selected.
  9. Students select each assignment from the Assignments list on their home page. They complete the first practice for each subskill. Depending on their scores, students may need to complete up to 3 practices for a subskill; then, they take a quiz. Once they've passed the quiz, students have completed the assigned subskill. For more information about how students do their work, see How Students Complete Math Instructional Practice Work.
  10. To pass a practice, students must answer at least 5 of the 6 questions correctly. To pass a quiz, they must answer at least 4 out of 5 questions correctly. If students fail three practices for a subskill, or if they fail a quiz, the subskill requires intervention and must be reassigned.

  11. Teachers monitor student work on the Instructional Practice page. For the Assignment Plan or a subskill, you can see the number of upcoming assignments for each student, the number that are in progress or have not been started, and the number that have been scored.
  12. Teachers can also see information about their students' Star Math scores and domain mastery by selecting Math Reports.