Accelerated Math Instructional Practice Data in Reports and Dashboards

You can see information about your students' math practice work in reports and dashboards.

To open the reports, select Math Reports at the top of the Accelerated Math Instructional Practice page.

You will go to the Reports page, and the Math Practice tab will be selected. On this tab, you'll see a list of the available math reports. The following reports include data on Accelerated Math Instructional Practice if you choose that assignment type when you generate the report:

  • Marking Period Progress Report: For each marking period, this report shows you the median of subskills mastered for the class or group and the average percent correct for practices and quizzes.
  • Math Diagnostic Dashboard: This dashboard shows you students' average percent correct for practices and for quizzes and the total number of subskills mastered. By default you see the data for groups, but you can expand groups to see students, and you can show or hide groups and students on the graphs.
  • Math Overview Dashboard: This dashboard shows you information about your students' Star Math tests and their growth. It also shows you the average percent correct for math practices and quizzes and total subskills mastered.
  • Monitor Student Mastery Dashboard: This page provides information about your students' mastery of domains and skills. Accelerated Math Instructional Practice work contributes to the mastery information that comes from practice assignments.
  • Practice Parent Report: When you generate this report, a separate report is generated for each student so that you can send the reports home to parents. For Accelerated Math Instructional Practice, the report includes a brief explanation of the program. Then, for both the reporting time period and the school year, the report includes the student's average percent correct for practices and quizzes and the number of subskills mastered. Class medians are also included so that parents can see how their child is doing compared to the class.
  • Ranking Report: This report lists the students by rank according to the number of subskills they have mastered, their percent correct on practices, and their percent correct on quizzes.
  • Review Results Dashboard: Use this dashboard to see your students' scores for the practices and tests associated with assigned subskills. You an also review student responses and reassign subskills for which students have an Intervene status.
  • Schoolwide Summary Report: You can use this report to show overall results for grades or for classes and groups. For each grade or class/group, you will see the percent of students whose average percent correct is below 75% or 85% (depending on the option you choose), the overall average percent correct for practices and for quizzes, the total subskills attained, the average number earned, and the median. You also see a summary for all grades or all classes and groups.
  • Skills Status Report: Use this report to see information about your students' work on skills. For each skill, the report shows the number of questions answered correctly and those possible as well as the percent correct; you will also see the totals for each skill area.
  • Student Mastery Record Report: Use this report to see more information about your students' mastery. When you generate the report for Accelerated Math Instructional Practice, for each subskill, you will see the date mastered, the percent correct, and the number of items passed and taken for practices and quizzes.
  • Student Performance Record Report: Use this report to see information about your students' work, such as the number of items they answered correctly and percent correct.
  • Summary Diagnostic Report: For each student in each class or group, you will see how many practices and and quizzes the student has taken and passed, the percentage passed, the average percent correct, the number of subskills that students have worked on (measured) and the number that they have successfully completed. You will also see averages for the class or group as a whole.
  • Track Student Work Dashboard: Use this dashboard to see the status of your students' Accelerated Math Instructional Practice assignments. You can see how many assignments are upcoming (students haven't seen them in their list yet), how many are ready to work on, how many have been started, and how many have been scored. You can also see students' scores, review their work, and reassign subskills that have an Intervene status. You can also deactivate assignments that students have completed if you do not want them to appear in reports.