Finishing the Lalilo curriculum

There are over 670 lessons in the Lalilo curriculum, ranging from Kindergarten to Second Grade. Thanks to the placement test, each student will have their own starting point in the progression; student A from Kindergarten may start at lesson #2, student B from First Grade at lesson #61, and their struggling classmate from First Grade may start at lesson #12.

Once the very last Second Grade lesson is validated, the student will see the message below and earn a trophy, and you will be notified via email.

The message reads 'Congratulations! You have completed all the Lalilo lessons.' The 'See My Trophy' button is at the bottom.

All the tropies are shown, with the message: 'Congratulations! You have now validated all lessons.'

One of my students has validated the very last lesson, what shall I do?

If your student requires additional foundational literacy practice with Lalilo, you will need to assign lessons for them to continue working.

What if a student validates the last Kindergarten or last First Grade lesson?

Once a student validates the last Kindergarten lesson, they will automatically access our First Grade lessons, regardless of the grade assigned to your class. Likewise, when the last First Grade lesson is validated, the student will access Second Grade lessons.

Reaching the last world, validating the last lesson: what is the difference?

Students can reach the last world before they reach the last lesson, and vice versa.

  • Worlds are validated based on the number of exercises completed by students, no matter their success rate. A struggling student can travel through the worlds more quickly than their classmates if they use Lalilo more often. When students reach the last world, they will keep practicing new skills and go through the lessons that they haven't validated yet, but they will remain in the last world.
  • Students can no longer use Lalilo if they have validated the very last lesson (unless they are assigned lessons). This can happen before they reach the last world, especially if they are Second Grade students and they easily validate lessons.

You can check out this article for further information: Unlocking worlds, diplomas, badges, treasures and stories.

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