Standards alignment with Lalilo

Premium users can check out the progression on Common Core State Standards, FL B.E.S.T. standards or TEKS standards covered by Lalilo from each student's individual page, below their daily results:

An example of a student's individual page, with their total progression on standards shown at the bottom.

The menu in the upper-right corner will give you visibility on the standards across Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade.

By selecting the eyeball icons on the right, you will access a detailed report for each student and standard. You will have visibility on:

  • The student's level (proficient, developing, beginning).
  • The number of questions they have answered so far.
  • Time spent.
  • The overall and monthly success rates.
  • The content covered within a given standard, with the detailed skills and corresponding success rates.


A detailed report for the selected student, focusing on a single standard.

FL B.E.S.T. Standards

TEKS Standards

We are working on creating documentation to show alignment to individual state standards. If you are looking for an alignment for your state, please reach out to us at