Performance & Usage reports for district and school administrators

The admin reports will provide administrators with usage data across schools and grades.

An animated gif, showing a user scrolling down the Admin Report screen.

Who has access to the admin reports?

To access the admin reports:

  • you need to have a Premium account,
  • and you need to have an admin Lalilo account.

If your schools or district were rostered through the Renaissance Growth Platform (RGP), you will have access to the reports for all the schools you are an admin for.

If your schools were rostered manually or through Clever, and you don't see the corresponding reports, please reach out to with the list of schools for which you need to be listed as an admin.

Where can the admin reports be found?

When administrators access Lalilo, they will have access to an Admin Report and a Classes Report. The Admin Report focuses on usage, and the Classes Report will allow administrators to dive into class-level data.

On the Admin Report, administrators will be able to select specific schools, grades, and months.

The admin home page with Admin Report and Classes Report buttons at the top.

What data is available on the Admin dashboard?

The Admin dashboard is focused on usage and implementation. You can hover over the i to see what data is included in each of the metric views.

The admin dashboard, with the cursor hovering on the i by 'Student performance | over time'.

The data is split into two categories: Usage & Performance. By hovering over each chart, you will see every % and number, and you will be able to print or download them.

The usage reports below will provide you with information on:

  • The % and number of students who have worked at least 120 minutes, who have worked less than 120 minutes, and who have been inactive (top left-hand pie chart);
  • The % and number of active students per grade (top right-hand pie chart);
  • The monthly % and number of active students per month, since the beginning of the school year (bottom chart).

Two pie charts and single bar chart as described above.

The performance reports above will provide you with information on:

  • The evolution of On/Below* Track students since the beginning of the school year (top chart);
  • The distribution of Below* Track students per grade (bottom left pie chart);
  • The number of On/Below* Track students depending on time spent on Lalilo (bottom right chart).

* A student is considered as being below track if they are placed below the 40th percentile in our scope and sequence, amongst students of the same grade level. Example: if 100,000 first graders have used Lalilo on a given month, "below track" students will be the 40,000 less advanced students in our Scope & Sequence during this month.

Two bar charts and single pie chart as described above.

The Details section below will provide you with both usage and performance on the school / class / student level.

Three tables showing usage and performance data: one shows data for entire schools, the second shows data for entire classes, and the third shows data for individual students.

How can I share the reports?

You can export the data in a CSV file, or download an image of the graphs by moving your cursor to a section, selecting the menu in the upper-right corner, and selecting Download Image or Download Data.

The menu selected, with the 'Download Image' and 'Download Data' options shown.

One or several classes are missing from the report.

When a new class is created, it will appear on the report within the next 24 hours. If it was created more than 24 hours ago, please contact our Support team at

Data privacy

District administrators have access to all of the schools and classes within their district. School administrators can only access their own schools' data, and not the whole district's.

If you need further information, feel free to email us at