What should I do with last year's students?

My classes were manually added to Lalilo

Lalilo classes are not linked to a school year, so unless you or your admin update your classes, your students will remain in last year's classes, and will keep their access to Lalilo.

I want to transfer my students to another teacher

  • If your students remain in the same school, you can transfer them to their new teacher(s) from your account—you can check out the steps here.
  • If their future teachers are not in the same school, you can reach out to our Support team ( Please provide them with the following information:

    • name of the student(s)
    • name of the future teacher(s)
    • name of the future school + zip code
    • name of the future class(es)

I want to keep my class

You can keep the class and add another one for your new students. If you want to rename your class (to add "2020/2021" for example), you can follow these steps.

I want to change my class grade

The grade you have assigned to your class when you created it only determined the first exercise in the placement test. Your students work on lessons that are chosen by our algorithm, based on their results. Therefore, they have access to our entire pedagogical content; and when a new school year begins, you do not need to adjust the grade. Students will resume where they left off in the previous year, and will be able to see more challenging lessons regardless of the grade that appears on the Lalilo class.

My classes were rostered via the Renaissance Growth Platform

If you have a Renaissance Growth Platform (RGP) site, you can now roster your Lalilo classes there. Once your administrator has set up your school year and assigned Lalilo to your class, your classes will appear in Lalilo by the following day.

For more information on rostering in RGP, please contact Renaissance support at or at 1-800-338-4204.

Classes don't automatically carry over in RGP. Administrators can follow the steps outlined in this article to help set up the new school year.

My classes were rostered via Clever

If you wish to remove last year's class(es) from your account, please reach out to our support team at They will be able to remove the class(es) from your account.

If your students need to be transferred to another teacher, please follow the steps outlined in Transferring students.

If you need further information, feel free to email us at