Rostering options: manual, via Renaissance, via Clever

Freemium users will need to create their Lalilo accounts, classes and student profiles manually, or with the Clever Library.

Premium users can roster via various methods:

  • Administrators can roster Lalilo through the Renaissance Growth Platform—only available for Premium districts using the English version of Lalilo. If you've purchased Lalilo, but Lalilo is not available to assign to your classes in RGP, please email us at
  • Teachers can sync Lalilo with the Clever Library.
  • Teachers can create their classes manually.

    Please note that if your district schools are about to be rostered via the Renaissance platform, you should not create accounts, classes and students manually—manually created data cannot be merged with data created via Renaissance platform.

Additional Information

  • All classes created in RGP will be created in English in Lalilo.
  • Teachers must associate their email with their account in RGP.
  • There is no student matching for RGP Shared Rostering (existing Lalilo student data will not be retained).

    • Renaissance doesn't delete old classes when rostering a user via RGP that was already existing; however, if you want to use RGP classes and students, they will have no data.
    • If you continue to use old classes, Renaissance won't be able to match students' progressions at the end of the year since we can only match students coming from RGP.

Lalilo in the Renaissance Growth Platform (RGP)

Example "Welcome to Lalilo" email

If you need further information, feel free to email us at