Color code and lesson validation

In order to validate a lesson, students need to have completed a minimum number of exercises (which varies depending on the lesson), and to have given correct answers in their more recent attempts. Validated lessons correspond to the green tiles on the Dashboard, and to the green stars in the Answer Reports.

When students work on Lalilo, they first take a placement test that places them at a starting lesson on Lalilo. Then, they work their way through our lesson progression. They work on more than one lesson at a time. They may have 3–7 open lessons that they work on at once.

You can reassign validated lessons (and any lesson) from the assignments button in your dashboard. This will take students out of the Lalilo lesson progression as they complete assignments. Once the assignment is completed, they will go back to where they had left off in the progression.

You can check our scope and sequence under the resources tab in your teacher dashboard to see the exact order of lessons students will complete. You'll notice they are not in exactly the same order as they appear in the groupings on your dashboard.

The Dashboard

Each tile of the Dashboard corresponds to a lesson. These tiles can be:

  • Striped tiles, meaning that the lesson was validated during the placement test.
  • Gray tiles framed in blue, meaning that the students have started working on these lessons.
  • Red tiles, meaning that the students are having trouble validating the lesson.
  • Green tiles, meaning that the students have worked on and validated these lessons.
  • Blue triangles correspond to assignments.

Students will automatically return to practice red and blue lessons after practicing other skills, so you don't need to assign these lessons.

The Answer Report

  • Lessons are gray when students have not completed enough exercises yet for Lalilo to determine whether they are struggling or doing great.
  • Lessons are red when students are struggling; they have answered a lot of questions, but the majority of answers are wrong.
  • Lessons are green when students have answered enough questions properly for Lalilo to know that they have validated the skill that corresponds to the lesson.

    Examples of lessons that are gray, red, and green.

You can select each instruction to see your student's replies, and you can access the exercise by selecting View Exercise on the right.

An expanded view of an instruction where a student is struggling.

Success rates for instructions are:

  • Green for results > 80%
  • Orange for results < 80%
  • Red for results < 50%

How many questions make up a lesson?

If the student doesn't need to repeat a lesson (because they got a success rate > 80% at the first attempt), they will have seen 5 exercises per lesson, and each exercise has 5–15 questions depending on the type of exercise.

Is there a maximum number of exercises that students can attempt to validate for a single lesson?

There are no maximum number of exercises to validate, except for Comprehension lessons (i.e., stories); for these, students will see the stories and their questions a maximum of two times (only once if they get > 80% success rate on their first attempt).

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