The exercises won't start or the answer can't be validated

Are you looking for a "Let's go" button or an arrow to access the next page?

When students log in for the first time, they take a two-part placement test. They will need to select Let's go! to access each part, and at the end of the test.

Three screens with 'Let's go!' buttons at the bottom (to start the first and second parts of the test, and to end the test).

If they don't see the blue 'Let's go!' buttons, you need to make sure their screen is not too zoomed in. To zoom out to a normal screen size, select the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner, or on the % (it will depend on your browser):

The magnifying-glass icon for zooming.

This can also happen when they are trying to validate a reply, or when they need to access the next page in a book:

Two versions of the same screen; the upper one is zoomed to 200%, which forces part of the interface off the screen; the missing part is visible in the lower image, which is zoomed to 100%.

   Please note that if you use Chrome or Firefox on an iPad, Lalilo may not be able to switch to full-screen mode, which may conceal the bottom validation button.

If this doesn't help solve the issue, please refer to What equipment do I need to use Lalilo?

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