Transferring students

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Dashboard Owners, District Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

  1. Select the small gear to the right of the name of the student you want to transfer.
  2. Select Transfer Student.

additional information about transferring students

  • A transfer will fail if a student with the same name already exists in the class you are transferring to. You should edit their name first and then transfer them to their new class.
  • The other class should belong to the exact same school. If there are two different schools in our database for your building, please contact us so that we can merge them. You'll need to tell us the zip code and name of your school and the current teacher and student names.

On your Lalilo teacher account, there will be no gear icon below the class or in the student list, so there is no option for you to transfer your students. Your classes and students are added and edited automatically, so please contact your administrator if you need them to be updated.

If you have a Renaissance Growth Platform (RGP) site, you can now roster your Lalilo classes there.  Once your administrator has set up your school year and assigned Lalilo to your class, your classes will appear in Lalilo by the following day.

My students and classes were rostered via Clever Library, and . . .

The students will need to be reassigned to the new teacher on Clever, and the new teacher will need to be set as their primary teacher.

Once this is done (it can be checked by the school's IT department), the new teacher will need to select Re-sync students at the top of their Lalilo student list.

If you are the former teacher, you should also select Re-sync students. The students will be removed from your student list. This can be done before or after the new teacher has added the students to their class.

The Re-sync students button.

If you are logged in to Lalilo as an administrator, you won't be able to update the roster. You will need to be logged in to the teacher's Clever and Lalilo accounts, or to let the teacher click on the Re-sync button from their own account.

Please contact our Support Team at and ask them to assist you with the transfer. They will un-sync the student from Clever and transfer them to their new teacher.

The former teacher will need to select the gear next to the student's name (student list on the far left) to transfer them to their new class. If the new class is in another school, please contact our Support Team (you can use the chat button in the lower-right corner of your Lalilo account)—they will be able to transfer the student to their new school.

The new teacher will need to select the Re-sync students button on their account. They will then see two profiles for this student:

  • A student with the progression (corresponding to the profile that has been transferred), but this profile won't be synced with Clever
  • A student with no progression, but whose profile is synced with Clever

The new teacher should then contact our Support Team (you can use the chat button in the lower-right corner of your Lalilo account) and ask them to merge both profiles.

If you need further information, feel free to email us at