Print, download and share the diplomas

As they complete more and more exercises, students will journey through various worlds and unlock explorer certificates.

What do diplomas correspond to, and how are they unlocked?

Everything is explained in How do students unlock worlds, diplomas, badges, treasures and stories?

Where can I find the certificates?

Select the Class snapshot tab, and at the top of the page select the current or last week. Scroll down to the "Your explorers" section, where you will see the diplomas that were unlocked during the time frame you selected:

The Class Snapshot page, with a week selected and the diplomas completed during that week listed. The 'Download the diplomas' button is at the bottom.

If you're looking for all the diplomas that have been unlocked by a given student, you can select their name in the far left column, and then download each certificate, or all the ones that have been unlocked so far:

One student has been selected on the left; the list of certificates the student has unlocked is on the right.

How can I share them?

Whether you wish to print, download or email them, you will need to select Download below the certificates, and then select PRINT / DOWNLOAD. Then you can select Save as PDF to save the file, or send it to your printer.

A certificate with the print dialog open on the right.

If you download several certificates, you will find free online tools to split the PDF into individual pages.

If you want to display their progression through the worlds, you can use this giant map and print it in class.

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