I now have a teacher account, what's next?

Welcome to Lalilo!

An onboarding checklist will appear at the top of your class once it has been created. By clicking on each line, you will be guided through easy steps to help you getting your students started.

At the top of the class, a large blue banner appears with a checklist.

While the students are taking the placement test, you will be able to see where they have been placed in our progression. The students below are all in Kindergarten, but some students already have basic reading skills, which is why they have been placed higher than their classmates after taking the placement test. Thanks to our algorithm, each student will be presented with lessons that correspond to their individual needs.

Click on the last line of the checklist to see the students who have taken the test, those who are taking it and those who have not started.

   This view will disappear once all your students have taken the test.

Creating my class and student profiles

If you have a Renaissance Growth Platform (RGP) site, you can now roster your Lalilo classes there. Once your administrator has set up your school year and assigned Lalilo to your class, your classes will appear in Lalilo by the following day.

For more information on rostering in RGP, please contact Renaissance support at or at 1-800-338-4204.

  • If you want to sync your class with Clever, please see Teacher—Set up Clever.
  • If your classes and students are rostered by Renaissance, they will automatically be created for you. Please contact your district administrator if you need further information.
  • If you wish to manually roster your students and classes, select Add class.

    An empty class list, with an 'Add class' link.

    • If you can't find your school, select Can't find your school? and fill in your school details.

      Please double-check and only create a new school if you are 100% certain you are the only teacher that uses Lalilo at your school. Creating a new school could result in a duplicate school.

    • You will need to select a grade (which cannot be changed once the class is created) and a language (which will determine the language of the exercises). The grade also determines where the placement test begins, but the exit point will depend on each student's results.

      Currently, there is no easy way to check or modify the level of a class. Fortunately, the grade level you put in for your class does not have a noticeable impact on your students' Lalilo experience. It only determines the first question students are asked in the placement test, but everything in Lalilo, including the placement test, is adaptive. Therefore, Lalilo will adapt to the needs of your students depending on how they answer the questions. However, if you think you made a mistake, there are options for classes that were not rostered via Clever or Renaissance:

      • If your students haven't started yet, you can delete your class and create it again with the correct grade (or the closest one to the grade level of your students). To delete your class, click on the gear below your class name.
      • If your students have already started Lalilo, don’t worry: the initial pre-test will place them approximately at the right spot in our scope & sequence.
    • Once the class is created, you can add your students by selecting Add my students in the left menu.

If your students already had a Lalilo profile, you can have their profile transferred to your class - you can find out how in I want to transfer, add, delete or rename a student.

Lessons and progression

Lalilo is a web-based literacy program designed by and for K–2 teachers that offers differentiated phonics and reading instruction through engaging and interactive lessons and activities.

A 10-minute placement test will automatically be taken by all your students. They will be presented with easy and difficult questions to assess their needs and to place them at the correct starting point along the Lalilo progression. You can find out more about the placement test here.

Do I need to assign lessons?

Students will move forward in the progression automatically, but you can assign lessons if you see that a skill needs to be studied again. To find out more, see Assigning lessons.

How do I preview the lessons and exercises?

You can do so by assigning lessons to the "Lilo Demo" student who is automatically created whenever you add a new class. You will need Lilo Demo to take their placement test prior to assigning lessons to them.

You can also preview the exercises from the Lalilo Sample Lessons document, and you will find the list (and demos) of all the lessons and exercises in the Scope and Sequence document.

How do I track progress?

Individual and group progress can be tracked in various ways: to find out more, see Student data: How To Read It.

How do my students log in?

They can log in with your school code or an individual code, or via Clever. To find out more, see Student login: in class and at home.

Other frequent questions

If you need further information, feel free to email us at