Can students choose the difficulty of the exercises?

Students do not choose how difficult or easy the exercises will be, but from time to time they are presented with these two questions:

  • How difficult was this exercise for you? Too hard / Just right / Too easy

    The 'Too hard / Just right / Too easy' selections for students.
  • I would like exercises that are . . . easier / the same level / harder

    The 'easier / the same level / harder' selections for students.

Does it impact their progression?

Not at all! We use their feedback to improve our algorithm on the long term, but the exercises they will see next will depend on their results, and not on their replies to these questions.

What if students reply that it was too easy despite getting wrong answers during the previous exercise (or vice versa)?

The voice-over will say "You say it's too easy, and yet you have made mistakes. The exercise was probably too difficult for you."

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