Unlocking worlds, diplomas, badges, treasures and stories

As they work, the students will earn two types of rewards to keep them motivated and engaged, while still focusing on literacy:

  • Treasures, worlds and explorer certificates, which will be unlocked based on the number of exercises they have done. They will earn a new treasure after each star on their journey map. Once they reach ten stars on their map, they will access a new world. Find out how to share the diplomas with our students here.

    Treasures and an example certificate.
  • Badges and stories, which will be unlocked as they successfully validate new lessons. Each successfully validated lesson will correspond to a new badge, and stories are unlocked every time they earn three badges. The only exception is the very first badge, which they will earn during the placement test whatever their results are.

    Badges and stories.

What if students reach the last world or are not getting any new stories?

Students can currently journey through 17 worlds: the Forest, the Mountain, the Ocean, the Desert, the Countryside, the Savannah, the Antarctic, the Volcano, the Jungle, the Galaxy, the City, the Dream, the Underground, the Pyramids, the Dinosaurs, the Music, and the Castles.

If a student completes the Castles world, they will remain in the same world until a new one is created, and they will still be able to go further in the pedagogical progression.

Fifty stories are currently available, and new stories will be added soon.

You can watch this video for further information!

Reaching the end of the last world or validating the last lesson: what is the difference?

Everything is explained right here! To sum up, worlds and lessons are validated independently from one another. A student can reach the end of the worlds before they reach the last lesson, and vice versa.

You can print this map of all the worlds in class so that your students can place their names on it every time they reach a new world.

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