Setting up Lalilo with Clever Library

With the Library integration, teachers will quickly roster their account from their Clever page. If you're an administrator, you will not be able to install Lalilo for teachers directly unless you have access to their Clever credentials.

Teachers should follow these three steps:

  1. Sync Lalilo with Clever.
  2. Sync your classes and students with Clever.
  3. Log in your students to Lalilo via Clever.

Step #1 - Sync Lalilo with Clever

  1. Go to your Clever page.
  2. Search for Lalilo in your Library.
  3. Select Install.
  4. Select Allow and Continue.

If you already have a Lalilo account, you will be asked to log in with Clever (you should log out from Lalilo before selecting Install from your Clever portal (step #3 above)).

If you haven't created your Lalilo account yet, you will see a Sign up with Clever button.

Step #2 - Sync your Clever classes and students with Lalilo

If you don't have any classes yet on your Lalilo account, select Add class and pick the section you want to roster. If you're new to Lalilo, your section is rostered! You're all set!.

The Add class link on a 'My classes' page without any classes.

If you have already created a class on Lalilo, you will be able to connect it to your Clever section by selecting the gear icon below the class and then selecting Connect with Clever.

A drop-down list with 'Connect with Clever' circled.

The list of your Clever sections will appear. Select the one you want to sync with Lalilo.

A list of sections that can be synced.

You will then be able to match your Clever roster with your Lalilo students. If there is no match, a profile will be created from scratch.

A list of students that can be matched. The 'MATCH THEM' button is at the bottom.

For more details, see Syncing my class with Clever.

Whenever you have a new student, please select Re-sync students. This will fetch any student that is part of your Clever roster but not part of your Lalilo class yet, provided that you are listed as the student's lead teacher on Clever.

'Re-sync students' selected in the Students list.

Do you want to delete, add, rename or transfer a student? See Adding, deleting and renaming students.

Step #3 - Student login

To log in, students should:

  1. Log in to their Clever portal.
  2. Select My class page.
  3. Select the Lalilo icon.

    The Clever login screen, class page icon, and Lalilo icon.

If the Lalilo icon is not displayed, make sure you have installed Lalilo on your page (search for Lalilo in your Clever account and select Install).

Most common issues

  • Students can't log in from Clever. Most often, this comes from the fact that teachers have created their teacher account on Lalilo, but they haven't synced their classes with Clever yet. They should follow step #2 above.
  • The wrong class was connected to Clever. If students haven't worked on Lalilo a lot so far, you can delete the connected class and re-roster it. Otherwise, you should contact Lalilo's support, and we'll help you fix it.
  • Syncing Clever section fails. This happens when the teacher is not listed as the lead teacher on Clever. They should make sure they appear as the lead teacher on Clever before syncing their classes from Lalilo.

    This can also happen if you are logged in to Lalilo as an administrator—you won't be able to add or sync a class. You will need to be logged in to the teacher's Clever and Lalilo accounts to add or sync a class. If you select the Re-sync button, you will get the red error message below.

    The message reads: 'You can only sync your section if you are logged in to the teacher's Clever and Lalilo accounts. If you are logged in to your Lalilo admin account, you will not be able to sync the section.'

If you need further information, feel free to email us at