Lalilo and Star Early Literacy

Lalilo has now become integrated with Star Early Literacy (for customers who are rostered in Lalilo via the Renaissance Growth Platform (RGP) and have a Star Early Literacy subscription). This integration will help reduce frustration for struggling readers by getting students to the right spot in the Lalilo placement test.

When students complete a Star Early Literacy test, teachers will receive an email the following day showing the students' performance and inviting them to log into their Lalilo dashboard.

An example email, listing students who have taken a Star Early Literacy assessment and showing their scores.

Star Early Literacy scores (presented as Unified Scale Scores) will be pulled from a daily job, separate from the rostering job. If a Star Early Literacy score is available, students will start their precision placement test based on the available score, instead of their grade level. Only Star Early Literacy test taken within the last two months will be considered.

Will the Star Early Literacy test replace the Lalilo placement test?

No, students will still take the Lalilo placement test. The intent of the Star Early Literacy placement is to get students at the right spot in the Lalilo placement test to minimize frustration.

Is the precision placement test the same length that the Lalilo placement is today?

The precision placement test is the same length as the Lalilo placement. The Star Early Literacy test is simply finding the student's best entry point to minimize frustration.

If a student completes a Star Early Literacy test after they have already been taken the Lalilo placement test, will the student's placement in the progression be changed?

No, the student will continue in their current progression.

What if a Lalilo on RGP student doesn't have a Star Early Literacy test to consider?

For non-Star Early Literacy RGP students, we start them approximately at the middle of the progression, as we do not collect grade information (we hope to be using students' grade level by the start of the 2022–23 school year).

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