What is Lalilo?

Lalilo is an innovative, visually engaging, standards-aligned literacy software program intended for:

  • Students who are learning to read, typically Kindergarten through Grade 2.
  • Younger children, including those in preschool, who have mastered essential vocabulary and early literacy skills, and reading instruction is now appropriate.
  • Students in grades 3–6 who have not yet mastered foundational literacy skills that help them read fluently and some additional instruction is needed.

Lalilo supports literacy learning and instruction through interactive and developmentally appropriate exercises for students and extensive data tracking and planning tools for teachers. Our lessons focus on all components of literacy, including:

  • phonological and phonemic awareness
  • letter and word recognition
  • comprehension and fluency
  • vocabulary
  • writing
  • social literacy
We strive to provide students with a comprehensive, supportive, engaging, and fun learning environment to promote independence, proficiency, and a love for literacy. In addition, we aim to increase efficiency and efficacy for teachers by providing valuable data and planning tools.

In our student platform, children "travel" through a world of individualized, self-paced exercises. Our Artificial Intelligence technology helps sequence lessons and content levels to ensure that students are working on developmentally appropriate exercises, individual needs, and grade level literacy standards.

You can learn more about Lalilo Premium here, and find out more about Foundational literacy and the Science of Reading right here.

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