Assigning lessons

Why assigning lessons?

Lalilo will automatically choose the lessons and exercises for each student, based on the placement test and on the scope and sequence document.

When a lesson is not validated yet (blue-framed tiles and red tiles), the student will keep seeing the corresponding exercises until they validate the lesson.

Assigning lessons is an optional feature, available for Premium users. It helps target a specific lesson, or it can be used to make a student move back to an earlier lesson. If they got help during the placement test and they have skipped a few lessons that they haven't really mastered yet, you can assign those lessons.

How can I assign a lesson or cancel an assignment?

It's very easy!

Select Assignments in the menu on the left, then Add an Assignment.

Select your students—you will be able to select one, several, or all students. In the top left-hand corner of your student list, you have an option to select all students with just one click.

Select one or several lessons. They will be listed on the right as you select them. Select ASSIGN when you are finished.

If you wish to cancel an assignment, tick the box on the left and select either Mark as complete or Delete. By marking them as complete, they will still appear in the list of assigned lessons. You can also edit assigned lessons in bulk by ticking several boxes on the left.

A list of assignments, with the first one ticked. The 'Mark as complete' and 'Delete' buttons are above the list.

You can keep track of your students' progress through the assigned lesson by selecting the down arrows on the far right . You will see their completion rate, their success rate, and you will access the corresponding Answer Report by selecting Errors.

How many lessons can I assign?

Up to 5 lessons at a time, but Lalilo relies on an algorithm that will adapt to your students' individual needs, so it is not necessary to assign lessons.

If I assign a lesson to the whole class, will each student get the same activity or will the activity content vary by grade level or how they did on the placement test?

The assigned lesson will be the same for the whole class. Within the lesson, the students may work on different exercises. This is based on their overall performance on Lalilo on other lessons. Comprehension lessons, however, will all be the same.

Once a lesson is assigned, when will students see it?

If the students are in the middle of a series of exercises for a lesson, they will finish that series and then move to the assigned lesson for 5 exercises. Then they will keep seeing exercises from the lessons they were working on, and exercises from the assigned lesson.

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