The placement test

Lalilo has a placement test. During their first session, students spend a few minutes on adaptive exercises that analyze their strengths and areas of growth. Lalilo then places students at a starting lesson that is appropriate for their skill level. Once students have finished the placement test, you can view a student's starting lesson in your teacher dashboard.

If your students also use Star Early Literacy, click here to find out how their Star Early Literacy score will improve the precision of the placement test.

What is the level of the placement test?

The teacher will select the placement test starting point for each student, no matter their class grade.

For instance, a 1st grade student who's a proficient reader can be put as a 2nd grade for the placement test. The level of the placement test will be adjusted according to the answers given by the student.

On the right side of each student’s name, there is a scrolling menu in order to select the student’s level

How long is the placement test?

Students will need about 10–15 minutes to complete the test. Its two parts correspond to the first two yellow dots on the journey map.

A graphic indicating first two steps along a path.

Where can I see the test results?

The lessons that have been skipped by the test correspond to the striped tiles on the class dashboard.

You can also check your students' individual reports to see which questions they have seen, and what they have replied.

An example answer report for the placement test, showing the answers a student gave to the questions.

Once some of your students have started taking the test, you will be able to keep track of who has completed it, who is completing it, and who has not started it yet. To check where they have placed in our progression:

  • Select Run your first session in the onboarding banner.

    At the top of the class, in the large blue banner, select 'Run your first session'.
  • The Placement Test Results window will appear.

       Please note that you will no longer have access to it once your students have all completed the placement test.

    The Placement Test Results window.

The test is too difficult

That's actually okay! The artificial intelligence behind Lalilo will use the results to position the student on the appropriate starting lesson, so wrong answers will help to assess their level.

Can a student retake the test?

Yes! If you have a Premium account, you can assign a new test to students with the Assignments feature.

Students will take the new test when they log back in, but it will look like regular exercises on their end. On the Dashboard, their validated (green) lessons will remain validated, but their striped tiles will update to reflect the results of the new test. After the test, students will have a new starting point in the Scope & Sequence.

To assign a new placement test:

  1. Select Assignments, then select Add an assignment.
  2. Select the student(s) who need to take the test again.
  3. Select New Placement Test.
  4. Select Assign.

Select 'Assignments' in the menu on the far left, then select 'Add an assignment' in the middle of the page.

Select 'New Placement test,' then select the box to the right of 'Placement Test,' and then select 'Assign.'

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