How can I try the exercises?

If you already have a Lalilo account

Once you have signed up, go to your home page. In the "Get started" section (below your classes), you will find a presentation and an overview of all the activities the students will experience on the platform. Select Preview of the activities.

The 'Get started' section, with the 'Preview of the activities' tile on the right.

Once you have created your class, you can also explore the student platform by selecting Student view in the upper-right corner of your dashboard and then selecting 'Lilo Demo' (this is created by default when you create your class).

If you don't have a Lalilo account yet

You can check out a small sample of our lessons from this document.

To ensure full mastery of a lesson, students will be presented with various exercises, which will rely on several of our 20+ templates. You will find examples in the screenshots below.

The Complete word template:

A word is shown with a letter missing; the student is given four letters to choose from to complete the word.

The Complete sentence template:

A sentence is shown with a word missing; the student is given three words to choose from to complete the sentence.

The Matching template:

Four adverbs are shown on the left; four verbs to match them to are shown on the right.

The Multiple choices template:

A sentence is shown with the subject highlighted; the student is asked to choose whether the subject is singular or plural.

The Oral comprehension template (full comprehension here):

A short passage which is read to students is shown on the left; a question about the passage is shown on the right with three answers to choose from.

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