Schedule Assignments

On the Schedule Assignments page, you choose which days you will be teaching each learning objective (skill) and when you will be using each resource and assessment that you've selected for the plan.

When you are reviewing a generated a Lesson Plan, you cannot make changes to the plan, but you can see the skills, resources, and assessments. You can also select the PDF icon at the bottom of the page to download a printable PDF version of the Lesson Plan as it appears on the screen.

  1. When you first arrive on this page, you will see a window where you can review all the assessments you have chosen to administer in the prior stage. (If you want to skip this step, select the close icon in the upper-right corner.)

    The Configure Assessments window, showing the first of three assessments that are being scheduled. The name of the assessment, the group it is intended for, and the skill covered by the assessment are shown, along with the first day it should be available to students.

    The starting date shown is taken from the dates you chose for each assessment in the second stage of the planning process. By default, the assessments are available for the entire range of dates; if you want an assessment to be available on only some of those dates, enter those dates here.

    You can also select   Preview to preview an assessment, or Delete to remove it from the Lesson Plan.

    Select Done to view the next assessment. When the last assessment is shown, selecting Done will close this window.

  2. The skills you are working with are in the top (calendar) row . If the Lesson Plan is more than five days long, a scrollbar will appear above it so you can move back and forth through the entire range of dates.

    A calendar showing the days in the lesson plan. Assignments, assessments, and teacher resources are shown, and can be moved around the calendar to change the days they are presented and how long they are available.

    The resources and assessments you have chosen will be arranged in three rows (or "swim lanes"):

    • Student Assignments : These are resources that can be assigned to students in the Lesson Plan. When you generate your Lesson Plan, these resources will be assigned directly to students.

      Examples: Accelerated Math practices, AR 360 assessments, Renaissance reading practice quizzes, videos from Khan Academy (math), Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) assignments, Media4Math tutorials.
    • Student Assessments : These are tests that you assign to students in the Lesson Plan. When you generate your Lesson Plan, students will be able to log in and take the test.

      Examples: AR 360 Skills Practice, Star Custom Skill Checks.
    • Teacher Resources : These are resources that you can use to help you teach, but which cannot be assigned to students in the Lesson Plan.

      Examples: Renaissance depth of knowledge (DOK) activities, planning tools, and practices (reading); Renaissance reference resources (math); additional resources from BetterLesson, Discovery, EngageNY, Fuel Education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Knovation, OER Commons, and SAS Curriculum Pathways.

    The number of items in each lane is in parentheses after the lane's name.

  3. Choose the learning objectives (skills) to include on each day. To move a skill to a day (or from one day to another), select the dots on the left side of the skill and drag it left or right to the day when you plan to teach the skill. Note: When you move skills, any resources and assessments associated with the skills will also move.

    A learning objective being dragged from Wednesday to Tuesday.

    You can also expand a skill so that it spans more than one day. To do this, select the arrow on the right side of the skill and drag it to expand the skill width to span the days you prefer.

    A learning objective being expanded to the right so it covers two days instead of one.

    To hide the skills, select the down arrow above the calendar dates .

    Note: If your school's days off have been added in Renaissance, you will see them marked "Day Off." (Days off are not shown if you selected students from multiple schools.)

    A close-up view of a calendar, with Monday marked as a day off.

    In the lists of resources and assessments, notice that the colors match the skill colors from the Choose Your Assignments page. This will help you quickly identify the skill that each item relates to.

  4. Use the links on the right to add more assessments or resources . (This will take you back to the Choose Your Assignments page.)

  5. If you want to delete a resource or assessment, select it. Then, in the pop-up window that opens, select Delete .

  6. To hide a list of resources or assessments, select the up arrow to the left of the list's name (it will change from an up arrow to a down arrow after you select it).

  7. If you want to print the Lesson Plan, select the PDF icon at the bottom of the page . This creates a printable PDF version of the Lesson Plan as it appears on the screen and downloads it to your computer.

  8. When you have finished assigning skills, resources, and assessments to days, you're ready to generate your Lesson Plan. Generating does two things:

    You cannot make any changes to the Lesson Plan once you generate it, but you can review the skills, resources, and assessments that you have included in the plan.

    Select Create Assignments at the bottom of the page . (If you're not ready to generate the Lesson Plan yet, but you want to leave the page, select Back to return to the prior stage.)

  9. In the Create Assignments pop-up window, a message will remind you about what happens when you generate a Lesson Plan . Enter a name for the Lesson Plan in the Plan Name field .

    The reminder message states: Items designated as resources for student assignment and assessments will be sent directly to students.

    To continue, select Continue . Since you cannot change a Lesson Plan once you generate it, do not generate it until you're sure you're ready; you can select Cancel if necessary.

  10. After you generate the Lesson Plan, a message will confirm that you have created the Lesson Plan. Select OK .

    The Lesson Plan Completed message includes the name of the lesson plan and the dates it is scheduled for.

    You will go to the Lesson Plans page.