Student Resources and the Assignment List

When you generate a Lesson Plan for a class/group or grade, the resources and assessments for that Lesson Plan are sent to an Assignment List on the students' Home page; this is the page that students see when they log in to the software at school. Students start to see the resources and assessments for a Lesson Plan on the first day of that plan.

A student assignment list. The student has used the drop-down lists at the top to view all assignments from everyone. Two resources and three skill checks are ready for the student; two reading practice quizzes have been completed.

The Assignment List may also include students' assignments from other products.

Completed assignments, assessments, and resources that students have opened will remain in the Assignment List for the entire school year (they move to the bottom of the list).

Students can click each item in the Assignments list to open it in a new tab in the browser. After a student clicks one of the links, the status of the item will change from "Ready" to "Completed."

Resources may be PDF files or links to websites or videos that students can use to learn more about a skill or to work on an activity. The list may also include assessments that you added to the Lesson Plan.

Students can use the first drop-down list at the top of the Assignments list to choose which assignments to see: All, those that they have Not Started, those that they are Working on, or those that are Done.

The second drop-down list lets students choose which teacher's assignments they want to see (from Everyone or from a specific teacher; teacher's names will be in the drop-down list).