How does Freckle integrate with Star Assessments?


Customers who use Freckle for practice and Star for assessment can get more value out of both products with our Star + Freckle Math and Reading integrations. The Star Math integration allows students' Star Math and Star Math Spanish scores to inform their domain placements in Freckle. The Star Reading integration does the same for students' reading levels.

If your Freckle site is rostered through Renaissance, the integration of Star tests and Freckle is automatically enabled.

Effects of Star Integration

  • If you are currently syncing RGP rosters with Freckle, Star scores for your licensed subjects will sync within 24 hours after the student clicks on the Freckle tile from Renaissance.
  • If you are using a different roster source, each student will have to log into Star from within Freckle to match their two accounts:

    A student's home page, with a button in the upper-left corner they can use to log into Star.

    The student's Star scores will not sync with Freckle until they go through this process, but the student will be able to practice Freckle in the meantime.
  • Once Star scores are synced with Freckle, teachers can look at their ELA and Math Levels reports to see where students were placed:

    One student's starting level; a note indicates the level was set by Star.
  • Note that when the integration is turned on, scores in Star Math, Star Math Spanish, and/or Star Reading will sync into Freckle, depending on which subjects you have purchased. If you have purchased Freckle Math but not Freckle ELA, for instance, only your Star Math and Star Math Spanish scores will sync into Freckle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do Star Math and Star Math Spanish place students into Freckle domains?
    Freckle divides math skills into skill areas called domains (e.g., "Geometry"). The skills in each domain are ordered along a progression. However, Star puts all math skills in a "teachable order" from easiest to hardest, regardless of what domain they belong to:

    A diagram comparing Freckle's multiple skill progressions to Star's single learning progression. For Freckle, there are three separate progressions for three different domain skills. For Star, there is one progression that moves from one domain skill to the next in teachable order.
    The Star Assessment gives students one "Scaled Score" that we map to placements in Freckle math domains. If students have never practiced in Freckle, Star Math and Star Math Spanish sets students' levels in all Freckle math domains, allowing new students to bypass all Freckle pretests.
  • What if students have already practiced in Freckle? Do Star Math and Star Math Spanish still update students' domain placements?
    If students have practiced in Freckle already, the Star sync will only update students' domain levels if the student has not practiced in that domain within the last 90 days. In this way, we trust Star to set students' initial levels and then trust Freckle practice to adapt from there.
  • How does Star Reading placement work?
    1. The student's Star Reading score is converted to a Freckle reading level, allowing students to bypass the Freckle reading pretest.
    2. The Star Reading score is also used as a starting point for ELA Skills Practice domains that students have not practiced yet, but does not update ELA Skills Practice domains that students have practiced.
    3. Word Study levels are not affected by Star Reading.
  • Will Star Math, Star Math Spanish, or Star Reading placements erase student growth data?
    No, a student's Star placements do not erase past growth data.
  • What happens if the students have taken multiple Star tests?
    If students have taken multiple Star tests before the sync, the integration will use the most recent score to set/adjust student levels. Scores that are more than 90 days old are ignored.
  • Do we sync with the Spanish versions of any of the Star products, Star Early Literacy, or Star Maths (the UK version of Star Math)?
    At this time, we do sync with Star Math Spanish and Star Maths; we do not sync with the other programs listed.
  • What visibility do teachers have into the status of their integration?
    Administrators are emailed when the integration for their first school is turned on, and are encouraged to forward this email to their teachers. Once the integration is turned on for a teacher's course, the teacher can see how many students have yet to sync with Star from their Activity Feed. Teachers can see when student levels were set by Star on the Math and ELA Levels Reports.
  • Can teachers or administrators turn the Star integration off?
    If you would like to turn off your integration, please contact your customer representative.
  • Can teachers still override student levels that come from Star?
    Yes, teachers are still able to manually update their students' reading or math levels from the Math and ELA Levels Reports.