Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Challenges

Our DOK Challenges are designed to give students an opportunity to practice higher-level thinking questions (DOK2 and DOK3) that will help them master concepts and better prepare them for state testing.

Lower Elementary Example Question

Upper Elementary Example Question

What is in a DOK Challenge?

A DOK Challenge includes 3–4 related questions that generally scale from DOK1 to DOK3. We try to include at least one DOK 3 question per session but this is not always possible depending on the standard. DOK Challenges also include an "Introduction" which provides context and a real-world foundation for the problem. Students will see a combination of multiple choice, multiple answer, and student input questions.

When does a DOK Challenge appear?

Students will only see DOK Challenges after they have passed an Adaptive level. If they pass more than one level during an Adaptive session, they will only see the DOK session that corresponds with the latest level passed.

DOK Challenges are available for most domains, with more being developed. When you go to assign a DOK Challenge, you'll be able to see which domains we currently have content for.

Can students retry DOK Challenges?

No. Given the limited content available in our current DOK Challenges, allowing students to retry them has limited benefit. We are planning to continue expanding our DOK Challenge content in the future.

Is there any DOK Challenge reporting?

Teachers can view student performance on DOK challenges through the activity feed at this time. We are considering more detailed reporting in the future.

Is there audio support?

Yes, we have English audio support for the introductions and questions.

Is there Spanish support?

We plan to get our DOK content translated in the future but there is no Spanish support at this time.