How does the Student Goal Setting feature work?

The Student Goal Setting feature on Freckle allows students in grades 3+ to set a goal and work towards achieving that goal throughout the week.

From the student home page, students have the option to set a goal, and track that goal for an opportunity to earn extra coins each week.

The student home page, with the 'Set a Goal' button in the upper-right corner of the 'Your Weekly Goal' section.

Selecting Set a Goal will prompt students to select which type of goal they would like to set. Students currently have the option to set a goal for answering questions correctly or for meeting a minimum accuracy threshold on a set number of sessions. Practice in both Math & ELA counts towards the goals set.

The types of goals the student can set: Answer Questions is on the left, High Accuracy is on the right.

Once they select the type of goal they would like to work on, they will then select the rigor of that goal. Each goal will have a coin reward tied to it for those students who achieve the goal. The more difficult the goal selected, the higher the reward.

Three possible goals are shown for the student to choose from: 20, 40, or 60 correct answers (each goal has a subsequently higher reward).

In this case, the student has selected to answer 60 questions correctly throughout the week. The reward for achieving that goal will be an additional 1,000 coins deposited into the piggy bank.

The student has set a new goal; the Start Goal button is at the bottom.

As the student practices and answers questions correctly, the goal setting card on their home screen will automatically be updated to reflect progress towards that goal. Here we can see Stefan is 15% of the way towards answering his 60 questions correctly.

Stefan's home page. His progress towards his goal is shown in the 'Your Weekly Goal' section.

From that point on, students will be able to see on their home page that they have achieved the goal set and they can collect their reward at any time. Note that students can only set one goal during a given week. They will not be able to set a new goal until the following week (which begins on Mondays).

A 'Goal Completed' message, showing what the goal was and how many coins the student earned.