How do I roster Freckle through the Renaissance Growth Platform?

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators

This feature is currently not available to all of our customers; please contact Support if you have questions.

Administrators, teachers, and students can all have their data rostered into Freckle through the Renaissance Growth Platform. Once their data has been rostered, these users can sign in to Freckle from their Renaissance Home page (via single sign-on, or SSO).

Once you have your roster data uploaded, complete the following two procedures: assigning Freckle to classes in the Renaissance Growth Platform, and having the teachers verify their email addresses.

Assigning Freckle to Classes in the Renaissance Growth Platform

  1. Log in to your Renaissance site.
  2. On the Home page, select your name in the upper-right corner; then, select Manage Apps & Users.
  3. On the Manage Apps & Users page, select Classes & Courses.
  4. Use the School drop-down list to choose the school you want to see classes for.

  5. To find all classes in the school and their courses, just select Search. Otherwise, follow these steps to find specific classes and courses:

    1. Use the Search by drop-down list to choose what to search for: a course name, course code, or class name.

    2. Enter what you want to search for based on the drop-down selection. You can enter all or part of the class or course name or course code.

    3. Select Search.
  6. In the table of matching results, you'll see the number of matching classes, then a row for each class. Each row shows the course name and code, the class name, the teachers assigned to the class, the number of students in it, the assigned products, and the marking period the class happens during (which can be the entire school year).

    If the list of results is long, you will see 50 results at a time. Select the arrows above the list to go to the next or previous set of results.

    To find a specific class, teacher, or product quickly, search the page using ctrl-F (Windows) or cmd-F (Macintosh).

    By default, the results show both classes that are "set up" (classes that have teachers, students, and products assigned to them) and classes that are not yet set up (because they are missing teachers, students, and/or products). If you want to see only classes that are not set up, use the toggle switch under the search options; then, select Search. You can see in the table which information is missing for each class.

    The 'Show classes not set up' toggle switch below the School drop-down list.
  7. Check the box for each class that needs to have Freckle assigned to it. If you have more than 50 results, when you finish checking the boxes in the first set of results, select the right arrow above the table to go to the next set of results; the software will remember all classes you have checked.

  8. Once you begin checking boxes, a banner will open at the bottom of the page. The banner shows how many classes you've selected. When you have finished selecting classes, select Assign Products.

  9. In the window that opens, check Freckle; then, select Assign Products.

    If the selected school has not purchased Freckle, then Freckle will not be in the list of products that can be assigned.

Teachers Verifying Their Email Addresses

If you are a teacher for a class that has had Freckle assigned to it, on the day after Freckle has been assigned, you will see the Freckle tile on your Home page when you log into Renaissance.

  1. Select the Freckle tile.
  2. If an email address has been added for your account, it will be shown. If your email address has not been added, enter it in the "Email Address" and "Confirm Email Address" fields.

    The verification pop-up window, with 'Email Address' and 'Confirm Email Address' fields. The 'Close' and 'Verify Email' buttons are at the bottom.
  3. Select Verify Email.
  4. When the verification email arrives, select Verify Email Address in the message.

  5. On the day after your email address has been verified, when students in your class log in to Renaissance, they will see the Freckle tile on their Home page.

    Students will not see the Freckle tile until your email has been verified.