What instructional supports are offered within the Math Practice Program?

Instructional supports are weaved throughout our various Math Practice and Targeted Products.

  • In all K–5 domains, students can view a "hint." This contains a directive and an image, both of which point students to strategy or piece of knowledge necessary for a solution.

  • In K–9 domains, students also have an option to view a help-video. The particular video available varies by skill.

    • Conceptual Videos: These videos are targeted at the overall standard. They provide base knowledge about key elements within the standard.
    • Walk-Through Videos: These videos walk students through particular problems and model solution strategies.
    • Skill-Based Videos: These videos walk students through base knowledge and practice within the specific skill, and provide initial directions for solution.

      Both hints and videos can be viewed at any time by the students by selecting the respective icon on the right, and also appear when a student has answered a question incorrectly.

      Math videos will not be available for students whose assigned language is Spanish or British English.

  • Academic Vocabulary: Students are able to select underlined academic vocabulary to view or hear a definition in guided questions and prompts.

  • Peer-to-Peer Math Supports: Students in all grades can see the name of up to 3 random students in their class that have already mastered the standard they're working on.