What instructional supports are offered within the Math Practice Program?

Instructional supports are weaved throughout our various Math Practice and Targeted Products.

  • In all K–5 domains, if a student answers a question wrong, hints and/or videos will automatically appear in a slide-out window from the right (when available):

    Two views of the same geometry question, one with a hint in the slide-out window, the other with a video hint.
  • In K–9 domains, students can also select the light bulb to see the hint or the video camera to see the video at any time. The particular video available varies by skill.

    • Conceptual Videos: These videos are targeted at the overall standard. They provide base knowledge about key elements within the standard.
    • Walk-Through Videos: These videos walk students through particular problems and model solution strategies.
    • Skill-Based Videos: These videos walk students through base knowledge and practice within the specific skill, and provide initial directions for solution.

      Math videos will not be available for students whose assigned language is Spanish.

  • Academic Vocabulary: Students are able to select underlined academic vocabulary to view or hear a definition in guided questions and prompts.

    An example math problem. Two of the words in the problem are underlined; one has been selected, opening a pop-up window with a definition of the word and an audio button so the student can have the definition read to them.
  • Peer-to-Peer Math Supports: Students in all grades can see the name of up to 3 random students in their class that have already mastered the standard they're working on.

    In this example, a student has answered a question incorrectly. On the right side of the pop-up window is a list of students in the same class who have already mastered this skill.
  • Language Customization: Students whose language is set to Spanish can toggle the language of both Adaptive Practice and Targeted Practice questions between Spanish and English.

    A geometry question presented in Spanish and English; the button to switch back and forth between languages is in the upper-right corner.