Important Facts about Syncing Freckle and Clever

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Administrators

What is Clever?

Clever is a roster management platform that syncs with your district's student information system (SIS), allowing for excellent data fidelity, consistently accurate rosters within Freckle, and easy access for students and teachers via single sign-on (SSO). Teacher accounts are also automatically created for those listed in the district's SIS.

How does integrating with Clever help our school/district?

  • Single sign-on for teachers and students leads to easy Freckle access (which means higher utilization and more student growth).
  • Any roster changes are synced from the SIS nightly, ensuring accurate rosters.
  • The Clever sync captures each student's SIS ID, ensuring data is accurate for each student.
  • Data is able to be downloaded with the student's SIS ID attached, allowing for easier and more accurate measurement of student growth.
  • Syncing with Clever automatically creates Freckle teacher accounts with finalized rosters for teachers who are new to the program.
  • Sharing and transferring of students happens automatically based on rosters in the SIS, and changes are reflected as they are made in the SIS.

Are there any additional aspects to be aware of?

  • The Clever sync may create new teacher accounts. When this happens, the system will generate an automatic email to these teachers welcoming them to Freckle and prompting them to create a password if they would like the ability to log in through
  • Teacher rosters will be locked down. Teachers will not be able to edit, add, or remove students after syncing with Clever. Those changes must be made by the Clever account administrator at your school or district. However, it is possible for Clever-managed teachers to share students with other teachers.
  • Clever pulls directly from the SIS, and each SIS is different. This means that the architecture of the SIS will be reflected exactly in Freckle.

    Because of this, ensure that your Clever administrator understands your goals for using Freckle and how the SIS rosters are set up. This is important when exporting to Clever via "sharing rules."

    This can become complicated if your school/district plans to use Freckle during flexible grouping time if these groups are not reflected in the SIS rosters.
  • Troubleshooting requires a bit of time. Since the sync involves the SIS, Clever, and Freckle interacting, it can take time to identify the root of the issue and communicate between the various parties. We recommend making good use of Clever's extensive FAQ page, which can answer most every question you may have.
  • We recommend familiarizing yourself with Clever's sharing and rostering rules. If you have questions, refer to Clever support or these topics on Sharing by Rules or Clever Sections.
  • Clever offers the ability to filter out certain teachers or sections for teachers/staff that do not use Freckle (ie: PE, Art, Music, etc).

How do we get started with Clever?

Discuss next steps for getting started with your Renaissance Implementation Coordinator, or email for additional information.