What is Freckle Science?

Freckle's Science program includes literacy-focused Science units that are built around a curated list of articles, each available at various reading levels. Interspersed throughout each unit are engaging explorations that span diverse mediums such as experiments, gallery walks, video clips, and simulations (just to name a few). In each unit, you will also find material lists, important vocabulary, science journal prompts, and much more.

All of Freckle's Science Units are also aligned with the NGSS standards.

An example of four Weather and Climate units.

How do I access Freckle's Science units?

To find Freckle's Science units, log on to your Teacher Home and select Units under "Science" in the left navigation bar. From here, you can browse through the units, access the videos, assign students articles, and read through and print the corresponding activities.

How do I use Freckle Science?

Each science unit begins with at least one introductory video to give the context and background information needed for the unit. Materials lists are also included so that you can gather any necessary supplies and materials before the unit begins.

Each unit is then divided into thematic lessons. Depending on the unit and its objectives, the number of lessons changes. Teachers should feel free to pick and choose articles and activities that are best for their students and fit these resources into the time they have for science.

An example lesson, titled 'What is Weather?' The module includes a video, an activity (with links to resources), and an article to assign.

Simply select the blue buttons next to each article or activity to assign the article or access the materials. Remember, articles come at a variety of reading levels to help you meet the needs of your individual students.

At the end of each unit, there is a unit assessment and an engaging design engineering challenge, also all easily printable with the click of a button.

A design-engineering challenge and a unit assessment to go along with the weather lesson.

The Freckle Science units are all completely planned out for teachers and require minimal to no additional materials.

We hope you enjoy Freckle Science as much as we enjoyed creating it. As always, your feedback is welcome. If you have comments, questions, suggestions, or just want to share how you've been using our Science units in your classroom, please email us at