What data can I see in the Standards/Topics report?

The Standards/Topics report shows teachers how their class is performing on a specific standard. This report is perfect for reporting based on standards, and understanding how students are moving toward mastery.

The color-coded bar on the right offers teachers a quick way to glance through and identify standards to focus on in class. Teachers can also see how many students are in each accuracy bucket to identify how many students are working on a given standard.

Free edition teachers are able to access students' practice data for Today and the Current Week, and Premium Edition teachers are able to access data for the past couple months.

Premium Edition teachers also have the option to drill in a little further in the data. Upon selecting the arrow on the left, they can see the exact students in each accuracy bucket.

This allows teachers to pinpoint exactly which students might need more attention. Selecting a student from this view shows how that student has been doing in that particular standard across all math practice in Freckle.

Also on the expanded standard view, teachers can assign that standard to the class.

From there, teachers can pick which students to assign the standard to, based on their accuracy.