What is Word Study? What levels are in the Word Study program?

Freckle's Word Study program is a systematic approach to phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction. It focuses on students' growing knowledge of spelling patterns, rather than their ability to memorize words. It provides students with opportunities to practice with word patterns that help them learn to spell, read, and write words.

Download a list of all the Word Study levels.

As with the other personalized components of the Freckle platform, the Word Study program meets students at their appropriate developmental stage. As students learn and grow, Freckle will adapt to them!

An example Word Study Practice screen, with the student ready to practice at Level 40.

Here's how it works:

When students log into Freckle and choose to work on ELA, they can select to work on the Word Study program.

First, students take a pre-test to determine the best starting level for them. The pre-test says words out loud and asks students to spell them independently.

Then, students are ready to begin practicing. Word study sessions consist of an instructional piece that explains a focus spelling pattern and then different phonics activities. Many word study activities are in the form of "sorts." Sorts help students differentiate by sounds and spelling and develop their understanding of common word patterns in the English language.

Since we know how important it is to continually practice mastered skills, review sessions are also interspersed between each level.

A review session, where the student is asked to sort words by their beginning sounds.

When students sort all answers correctly, they move on to the next activity. However, if students sort at least one word incorrectly, the program will notify students by highlighting all correctly sorted words in green and all incorrectly sorted words in red. Students have two opportunities to re-sort the words before moving on to the next activity.

A review session, where the student was asked to sort upper- and lower-case letters. The student got three letters wrong; they are highlighted in red.

Teachers can use Word Study as a daily spelling activity, a center rotation, or even as homework. Word Study teaches word knowledge, and not simply individual words.

When teachers are assigning a Targeted Word Study, they will be able to preview it before assigning it:

A grade level and skill have been selected; a preview of the Targeted Word Study assignment is shown below them.

Once a student has completed a Word Study session, you can access the Word Study Report for that student through either the Assignments Page or the Activity Feed.

Word Study Report:
The Word Study Report for the student's assignment, showing the name and subject of the assignment, the student's accuracy, time spent, and the student's responses to each question.